What is a Telephone Answering Service & How Does it Work?

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

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Often you know why your business is struggling, but it’s difficult to pin-point just how to resolve it. Could telephone answering be the solution you’ve been looking for? Are you struggling to find enough hours in the day, or desperately in need of an extra pair of hands? Keep in mind that we build our service around your needs, so it’s likely that we can work with you to solve the problems you and your business are facing.

The easiest way to explain just how telephone answering works is to give you an example of it in action…

Last year Alan started up his own plumbing business after working for a large established company for years. He has a professional looking website, he’s building positive reviews on social media, and now has some attractive looking business cards. All his marketing material has his mobile number on so he can receive enquiries wherever he goes. Things are going well for Alan, as he completes more plumbing jobs he starts to get an impressive number of 5 star reviews, as his reviews and reputation builds, so do his enquiries. Soon Alan realises that he’s missing more calls on his mobile than he’s able to answer, and by the time he calls back in the evening the majority of people have already called another plumber.

As Alan’s days get busier, he tries to return calls while driving between jobs. With loud road noise in the background and intermittent phone reception as he drives further out of town, it’s doing little to support a professional business image – but better than losing out on jobs he thinks. While driving Alan has no method of writing down his agreed appointments with customers in his diary, or recording their contact details. Juggling between his (unreliable at the best of times!) memory and small scraps of paper he finds in his car glove box, it’s not long before Alan has to call back customers to ask for their details again (not very professional!). Worse still, Alan soon learns that he’s getting appointment times wrong, and he’s embarrassed to realise that on a couple of occasions he’s even forgotten to go entirely! With complaining customers calling, and negative reviews starting to appear, it’s not long before he’s undoing all of the hard work he’s put in to establishing his thriving business. Alan knows he needs some help before it’s too late, but his business is young and vulnerable, he doesn’t have the time or money to hire a full time member of staff to help him. When will he find the time to interview, to train, where will they work, what about the salary, the holiday, the sickness…?

Alan gave us a call at CSnotepad to see if we could help, he wasn’t too sure whether telephone answering was the right service for him, but hoped it could offer a cheaper and simpler alternative than the stresses of managing his own staff. Within a day of calling, Alan had worked with one of our experienced account managers to tailor his own script so that each and every call would be handled just as if he was answering it himself. We instantly knew that a personal and friendly service was what Alan cared about most for his callers. Alan was free to choose exactly what questions he’d like us to ask, and what information he’d like us to take from his callers. Alan’s callers would have absolutely no idea they hadn’t reached Alan’s own in-house receptionist, and just as a receptionist would, we were able to offer Alan a diary management service booking in appointments for him. No more scribbled notes on the back of receipts, no more forgetting appointments and no more unprofessional calls from the roadside! Alan didn’t have the hassle or cost of changing the phone number on all his marketing, we simply guided him through how to set up a divert from his mobile phone to the number we provided him with. Alan has complete control of when he diverts his calls to us, he always knows that our customer service advisors are familiar with his business, and ready whenever he needs them, leaving Alan free to focus on doing what he does best – plumbing!

With the help of CSnotepad, Alan’s business has continued to thrive. By using a telephone answering service Alan has had the time and space away from his ringing phone to focus on growing his business, he now has a small team of plumbers working for him. Alan takes advantage of several of our services such as a virtual telephone number and virtual address, further helping him to build his professional image and reputation within his field.

Think a telephone answering service could really help you and your business? Call us today on 01273 741400.

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