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Stay in Control with Pay-Per-Call

Friday, September 29th, 2017

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We think we’re pretty special within our industry – why – well we’ve actually listened to our customers and refined our services to meet their needs. We’re not (like many of our competitors) still slogging an old format, expecting our customers to fit the mould. It has always been, and still is, standard practice within our industry to charge calls per minute, this means that your bill is formed from the amount of time an agent has spent handling your calls. In truth we know this isn’t always the best way for you to keep a handle on the cost of your service as the month progresses. We know how important it is to feel in control of your finances with full knowledge of your outgoings month by month, so one key feature of our service is the option to pay per call, not per minute. It’s an option we’re proud to offer, and one which attracts many new customers and stops our existing customers receiving sky-high bills they just weren’t expecting.

Many other virtual receptionist companies still only offer charging per minute, this gives them no incentive to manage your calls correctly or take control of the conversation with your callers. Don’t be greeted by an eye-wateringly high bill just because your customers love to chat!

How our pay-per-call plans work: we’ll work with you to gauge the right call plan for you, this gives you a set quota of calls each month for a set cost with each call being just a single call credit from your monthly quota. We’ll also keep in touch and let you know if you’re receiving more calls than your subscription plan, you’ll then have the choice to increase your call plan ready for next month.

However, if you still feel that pay-per-minute is right for you and your business, we’re happy to work with you to make the script our call agents work from concise and tailored to your needs so that each call is handled professionally and efficiently.

To discuss with a member of our team whether pay-per-call is right for you, get in touch on 01273 741400.

We Will Always Recruit Great Candidates – Even if We’re Not Advertising!

Monday, September 25th, 2017

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Don’t wait for us to advertise a position, get in touch, we are always recruiting if you’re the right kind of person – we know how valuable you are!

We offer full training for any position within our company, but from our experience we know that some things we just can’t train. We’re always on the lookout for people that have the right mindset to be a real credit to our team. A positive ‘can-do’ attitude, a willingness to offer great service as standard, a dedication to the role and appreciation for the important part you play within the bigger team are key traits we look for. It’s people like you that enable us to continue the great customer service we offer and maintain a positive and enjoyable working environment. It may sound simple, but a smiling and optimistic team member has a positive affect all round! If you’re keen to progress, we’re always keen to promote from within, and we’re quick to acknowledge and reward hard work and a pro-active approach.

If you don’t see a job advert for current openings, or feel you have a strong skill-set that slightly differs from the role we’ve advertised, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you:

Are You Thinking of Selling Your Virtual Receptionist Business or Client Base?

Monday, September 18th, 2017

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Do you own a virtual receptionist company, are you considering selling your business or your client base? Perhaps you’re wanting to take on a new challenge, relishing the idea of retiring, or wanting to minimise your business portfolio; if you’re toying with the idea of selling your business then we’d be very interested to hear from you.

We have an interest in the potential purchase of any business or client base large or small in the virtual receptionist sector. Whether you run your business alone with a handful of clients or have a large team of call agents dealing with the needs of your many customers – we’re keen to talk.

We appreciate all too well that businesses have faced a challenging few years, so even if your business is still weathering the storm and your books aren’t looking quite as healthy as you’d like, we’d still interested in talking about the possibilities.

Rest assured, any discussion with us will remain strictly confidential and we’re happy to sign non-disclosure agreements to give you added protection and peace of mind.

Call us on 01273 741400 or email us on

Our Order Taking Service – Ensuring Your Telephone Orders are Always Handled Properly

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

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When receiving a telephone order have you ever:

Taken an order on your phone while driving?

Asked a customer wanting to place an order to call you back?

Told a customer that you’ll have to call them back?

Scribbled payment details on a scrap of paper?

Lost customer payment details?

Made your customer wait while you find a pen?

Had considerable noise in the background during the call?

Made an error when taking down payment details because you haven’t had time to reconfirm them?

Rushed a call and not given great service?

Not answered with a professional business greeting?

Missed a customer call?

Been heavily delayed in processing the payment?

This should never be how a telephone order is handled, however busy you may be it really doesn’t have to be this way – we’re here to help!

A business needs sales but don’t underestimate the importance of ‘how’ you take that all important telephone order. You may have done all the hard work to get the sale agreed, don’t let your customer service slide at the final hurdle. Personal card details are highly sensitive data, your customers need to know that you’ll treat them with care, and you have an obligation to handle this information correctly. Don’t make your customers doubt your professionalism, reliability or respectability by making any of the common mistakes listed above! Build your customers confidence and increase repeat sales by handling each telephone order the right way.

Did you know that we can handle your telephone orders, acting as your front-line or as overflow or support when you’re not available to answer calls? Never miss a call, ensure that every call is handled professionally, accurately and all sensitive information is dealt with appropriately. We can even log into your own in-house system, ensuring each order is processed just as you wish you could on every occasion. Your receptionists at CSnotepad can advise customers, place orders, process payments and even patch urgent calls through to you. Your customers will never have to fight with unprofessional background noise, wait in a queue, or reach your voicemail. Your customers will always receive your professional business greeting, and have all payment details taken and processed accurately – always.

Don’t juggle your calls, have the assurance that every telephone order is taken professionally – talk to us today on 01273 741400.

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