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A Reminder About the Value Our Telephone Answering Service Can Add to Your Business

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Let our telephone answering service become a part of your team and offer you reliable, professional and fully trained staff without the demands that come with employing your own.

puzzle pieces

Be in full control of when you divert your calls to us and how you’d like us to handle them. Work with your own account manager to tailor the script used by your team of call agents to answer your calls. Choose to divert all your calls all of the time, just during your busiest times or when you need a hand coping with unexpected peaks in call volume.

When a customer’s call reaches us rather than you, we strive to ensure that the customer receives a seamless experience that mimics your own. Your tailored script will reflect your own customer service model whether you’re a large multi-site business, a soletrader or a small family run business, we ensure that your customers have no idea that they haven’t reached your own inhouse team. We use only the most up-to-date technology that allows our call agents to recognise your important customers and frequent callers so that these customers feel the recognition that they deserve.

Unlike other telephone answering services we start with your needs. What problems would you like our services to solve? Where do you feel you and your business would benefit from our support? Your personal account manager can work with you every step of the way to get the service performing just as you want it. No tricky set-up, just a simple number to divert to and support available whenever you need it – just pick up the phone or drop us an email.

For more information talk to us on 01273 741400 or visit our website here.

Add Personalised Hold Music to Your Telephone Answering – Free of Charge

Monday, April 24th, 2017

Did you know that when you use our telephone answering service, adding your own hold music to your account is included in your monthly subscription price?

music notes icon

Whenever a person calls you and has their call placed on hold, perhaps while we try to patch their call through to you, or while they’re briefly waiting for their call to be answered, you can have your own hold music playing on the line at no extra fee.

2 Great reasons to add your own business hold music

  • Although nobody likes having to wait on the line, it’s often necessary to offer the very best customer service. Add your personalised hold music and use this as your opportunity to further market your products and services. Use it as a platform to remind customers of your core values, to encourage them to follow you on social media, or tell them about new and exciting developments that they should look out for in the coming months.
  • Hold music further conceals the fact that you’re using a telephone answering service. We pride ourselves on making our service as seamless as possible, your callers have no reason to question that they haven’t reached your own in-house team. We know how important it is for your customers to feel that their call matters, and we know that as a business owner you want each call answered promptly and professionally. Adding personalised call music is just another way we offer tailoring of our service to better match your own customer service model.

If you already use our service, talk to a member of our team today about how to add personalised hold music to your account on 01273 741400. We’re always happy to offer advice and guidance with getting this feature right for your business.

Sky Talk Call Divert: How to Set Up Call Forwarding on a Sky Landline

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Are you looking to divert your landline calls to a telephone answering service, or even your mobile to ensure you never miss a call? It’s easier than you think and something you can do yourself in just a matter of minutes. In this blog we take you step-by-step through how to divert your calls if you’re with Sky Talk. You can have more control than you realise with your incoming calls; you can divert all your calls when you’re away from your landline phone, divert calls that haven’t been answered, or divert calls when your line is already engaged. Here’s how…

telephone divert image

Divert all your calls:

  • Dial * 2 1 * followed by the number you want your calls diverted to including the area code.
  • Press #. You’ll hear a confirmation message, followed by a high-pitched tone.
  • Check which number you’ve set calls to divert to by dialing * # 2 1 # from your landline anytime.
  • To cancel diverting all calls, dial # 2 1 # from your landline.

Divert unanswered calls:

  • Dial * 6 1 * followed by the number you want your unanswered calls diverted to including the area code.
  • Press #. You’ll hear a confirmation message, followed by a high-pitched tone.
  • Check which number you’ve set unanswered calls to divert to by dialing * # 6 1 # from your landline any time.
  • To cancel diverting unanswered calls, dial # 6 1 # from your landline.

Divert engaged calls:

  • Dial * 6 7 * followed by the number you want your calls diverted to including the area code.
  • Press #. You’ll hear a confirmation message, followed by a high-pitched tone.
  • Check which number you’ve set engaged calls to divert to by dialing * # 6 7 # from your landline any time.
  • To cancel diverting engaged calls, dial # 6 7 # from your landline.

How will you be charged?

A monthly fee of £2.50 will be added to your Sky Talk bill for using the call divert feature. The person calling you will only pay the rate they are charged by their provider for calling a landline number, they will not be charged for the diverted part of the call. The diverted part of the call is charged to you the customer at your standard Sky Talk rate depending on the type of phone you have chosen to divert to, e.g. mobile, which may be included depending on your Sky Talk package.

How to Set Up a Call Divert on Your Android Phone

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Call forward or call divert is a very useful tool, whether you’re looking to divert calls back to the office during your holiday, divert calls to your landline if you have no reception at home, or divert to a telephone answering service like ours on a regular basis. Call forwarding gives you control over when calls will disturb you, while still giving you the freedom to carry your phone and use it for making calls. Android gives you enough call forwarding options to really make a difference to the way you handle your incoming calls.

android phone

Forwarding your calls from an Android phone isn’t tricky once you know how. In this blog we’ll take you through it step-by-step!

  • Go into the ‘Phone App’ on your phone
  • Tap on the overflow icon which is shown as 3 vertical dots
  • Choose ‘Settings’ or ‘Call Settings’
  • Tap on ‘Call Forwarding’

You will now have 4 options to choose from:

1) Always Forward: This will forward all incoming calls to the number you specify, your phone will not ring.
2) Forward When Busy: Calls are forwarded when you are already on a call.
3) Forward When Unanswered: Calls are forwarded whenever you don’t answer them.
4) Forward When Unreached: This will forward your calls if your phone is off, you do not have signal or have placed your phone in airplane mode.

All the above options except ‘Always Forward’ are usually enabled and diverted to your voicemail, you can however through these options divert them to any number rather than voicemail.

  • Set the forwarding number. Here you will type (or change) the number you would like your calls diverted to, don’t forget the area code if it’s a land line.
  • Press OK – a small phone icon with an arrow should appear at the top of your screen indicating that a call forwarding action is active.
  • To cancel your call divert just select ‘disable’ in the step when you typed the forwarding number.

If you have any problems setting a call divert you may need to call your provider.

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