Get More From Your BT Phone Line by Adding Call Features

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Small problems or annoyances when it comes to your landline calls can often be solved by adding a call feature to your BT service. In this blog we highlight the available features with a little information on how to use them effectively and their cost.

landline phone

  • Ring Back – If you call an engaged number, this feature will call you back once the line becomes free. Ring Back will keep trying for 45 minutes.

Once Ring Back has been added to your account simply press 5 on your handset when the line is engaged. Listen to the confirmation message and then return the handset. The phone will ring once the line you were calling becomes available.

  • Call Waiting – adding this to your package will let you know when another caller is trying to reach you when you are already on a call. You will hear a discreet beep while the new caller will be told that you are aware they are waiting, you then have the choice to take the new call.
  • Caller Display – this feature lets you know who is calling, you can then decide whether you’d like to answer the call or not. This call feature needs compatible equipment which will allow you to view the number calling.

Caller Display costs £1.75 a month with BT Privacy. But you can sign up and get BT Privacy with Caller Display free for a year.

  • Call Sign – this feature allows you to assign numbers to a different ring tone. You’ll then know who the call is for or who is calling by the different ring tone.
  • BT Text – enables you to send text messages (SMS) from your landline to other landlines or mobiles in the UK.
  • 3-Way-Calling – have 2 other people on the same conversation, this even works for international numbers so it offers a great way to stay in touch with loved ones.
  • Reminder Call – a very useful little feature which allows you set a reminder or even a wake up call. Just press * 55 * on your handset followed by the time you’d like the reminder, this should be in 24 hour clock, followed by the #.

For example, if you would like a wake up call at 7:30am, press * 55 * 0730 #

To cancel the reminder press # 55 #

To check the reminder time press *# 55 #

  • Call Divert – divert your calls to any number, even a mobile. For more on this particular feature read our blog on Call Diverting
  • Call Barring – gives you control over the calls that can be made from your landline, or numbers that are incoming. This is an effective way of managing your phone bill. For example you can bar calling from your landline to mobile numbers, international numbers or premium numbers.
  • BT 1471 – by pressing 1471 you will be told the last number to call your phone.
  • BT 1571 – this is a personal voicemail service allowing callers to leave you a message if you’re unable to take their call.

How much do call features cost…

  • One Calling Feature – £4.25 a month
  • Two to four Calling Features – £8.50 a month
  • Five or more Calling Features – £11.50 a month

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