How to Choose a Telephone Answering Service: Think Twice About Online Set-Up

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

When choosing your telephone answering provider, consider how your account will be set up. A fast and easy online set-up may seem like the perfect stress-free way to get things in place, but is it right for your business? In this blog we raise a few questions that we encourage any business looking for a telephone answering service to consider before choosing their provider.

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The technological era has made it quick and easy to make bookings, buy items and buy services online. No longer is it necessary to visit a physical store or pick up the phone, almost any purchase can be made ‘remotely’ without person-to-person engagement. It allows you to make purchases whenever and from wherever – quick, easy and straightforward. But is it really the best way? Many things, including your business, deserve the time and consideration that comes with a more personal approach. Before choosing your telephone answering provider, give some thought to the outcome you’re after. Many providers offer a simple online set-up, in just minutes you can have a telephone answering service in place for your business via a concise online form built from generic questions. Before being caught up in the ease that many providers offer through their online set-up, here are a few things we encourage you to bear in mind.

You may not have an account manager
Having someone that understands your business and your needs is pivotal to having a seamless telephone answering service that functions as though part of your own in-house service. An account manager can work with you to create the right first impression for your callers, with a tailored script that represents your business and your customer service model. Having an account manager that you know by name offers you reassurance and confidence that someone is on hand should you have any problems with the service you receive.

An online form leaves no room for personalisation
Each and every business is different, your needs are specific to you and your industry. Without talking through your requirements with your provider, they are unable to tailor the service they offer you or share their expertise, instead you are made to fit into a predetermined service template.

Agents taking your calls may have no knowledge of your business
With a fast online set-up, be aware that agents taking your calls may do so with no prior knowledge of your business, they may not even know what products or services you offer. The anonymity that comes with a fast and easy online set-up is replicated in the basic and sparse details that are available to call agents when taking your calls.

You may be limited to online management and assistance

By taking advantage of an online set-up, you may find that your only method of getting help, making changes or raising any queries is also online. You may find a provider’s online support to be fast, efficient, and adequate for your needs, but do check first whether you even have the option to call an advisor if the matter is more urgent.

Online set-up of a telephone answering service may suit some businesses that find the cost outweighs any shortfall in personalisation or quality of service. Avoid being blind-sighted by the appeal of speed and ease, and understand the subsequent service that your business will be receiving in return.

At CSnotepad we don’t offer online set-up because we believe that getting to know your business is the only way we can support you with a tailored quality service. For more information call us on 01273 741400.

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