Why do 47% of small businesses fail to answer their phone? – Avoid interruptions without leaving the phone off the hook

Monday, December 5th, 2016

After finding that 47% of small businesses fail to answer their incoming calls, TelePA believes that small businesses aren’t seeing the importance of phone enquiries. However, could it be that small businesses are overrun by nuisance calls and desperate to reclaim their working day from constant interruptions?

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Christine Crandell gives her opinion in a Forbes article as to why the office phone may not be being answered…

After not answering her phone for a day, Christine went through her voicemails. Out of 36 voicemails she finds: 11 are from people wanting to sell her insurance etc, 10 are from companies wanting to sell her products that have no relevance to her line of business, 7 are computerised messages that are undecipherable and 4 are from sales people reading a script at top speed. Alarmingly, just 3 messages are from clients and 1 message is from a relevant company regarding a possible partnership. Now imagine if she’d answered each of those calls as they came in, not to mention incoming callers that left no message. No only would this incessant interruption rupture her day, her workflow and her productivity, but within a short spell she’d feel frustrated, irritable and understandably short when the 4 important client calls came through. Sound familiar? Well it’s really no wonder that TelePA found 47% of small businesses don’t answer their phone, many small businesses now rely heavily on email, this gives them the space to respond if and when convenient, and provides a much faster and easier way of filtering the important emails from the spam and sales emails. But how many client calls might you be missing, how many clients deem your unanswered phone as a sign of unavailability and poor customer service, neither are a positive start to any potential business relationship.

So what’s the solution – have you considered using a telephone answering service to handle your calls? You can focus on managing your business without the constant interruption of the ringing phone but with the confidence of knowing that each call is being answered professionally. TelePA also found that 36% of calls being answered by a business were not being answered with a polite greeting, 37% didn’t even use the company name! A telephone answering service will ensure that each call is answered by call agents that are trained on your account, answering calls in a manner that suits your business and your customer service model, the caller would never know they hadn’t reached a member of your own in house team. A telephone answering service will answer all your calls, but will only make you aware of callers that are genuinely enquiring about your products and services, no cold calls, no unrelated sales calls – in fact at csnotepad we never charge for the cold calls you might receive so you can rest assured that they wont be costing you.

To find out more about freeing up your time without leaving the phone off the hook, call us on 01273 741400.

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