Phone Sweet Phone: The 2016 Smartphone Consumer Survey is Out

Saturday, October 1st, 2016

The annual Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2016 has been released and it turns out we love our smartphones, in fact we’ve never been more besotted!

love and a mobile

It’s worth remembering that as far as technology is concerned, our smartphones are still rather new and we’ve yet to wear out the novelty of using our handheld pals. The Deloitte Survey found that many consumers have yet to learn how best to run their lives with smartphones – rather than by their smartphones!

Do you feel that your smartphone may be getting more quality time with you than perhaps your loved ones? One in three UK adults has argued with their partner about using their mobile phone too much according to Deloitte.

It’s so easy to get absorbed by the capabilities of our smartphones and the ease at which we can contact loved ones and stay in touch no matter the time or the distance that we’re apart. However, it’s important to remember how our interaction with our smartphones impact on others. The Deloitte Survey found that 34% of people check their smartphone in the middle of the night, and 32% check their smartphone within 5 minutes of waking up. Although our devices may feel utterly personal, Deloitte found that over a tenth of people use their phones ‘always’ or ‘very often’ when eating at home, or eating out with family or friends for example, causing friction with our nearest and dearest!

The smartphone has revolutionised the way we communicate and has been undoubtedly the most successful consumer electronics device of all time. But according to the Deloitte Survey, they believe that the market may well have hit its peak with smartphone designers and innovators having to trump the previous model with new and engaging features that enrich the users life, and continue to create the same buzz in the shops. But does this mean that the novelty will wear thin and we’ll be able to wean ourselves away from our smartphones in the coming years? With about 1.5 billion smartphones likely to ship in 2016, a volume greater than PCs, tablets, televisions and games consoles put together, only time will tell…

Direct Link: Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2016

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