Maximise Your Christmas Telephone Sales with a Telephone Answering Service

Monday, October 31st, 2016

However much you may not want to think about it, Christmas is fast approaching and if you’re in e-retail, this is one of your busiest times of the year. Be prepared, be organised and you’ll be in a position to make the very most of the buying season!

christmas shopping trolley and christmas figures

As you walk around the shopping centres you’ll no doubt be seeing signs in shop windows advertising for additional Christmas staff. As we head into November, stores start to plan their method of attack, lengthening their opening hours, increasing their staff numbers both behind the tills and restocking the shop floors. But what preparations do you need to be putting in place if you’re an e-retailer? How have you prepared yourself for a spike in telephone enquiries? How will you ensure you don’t lose money through dropped calls when your telephone orders sky rocket?

Don’t expect your potential customers to wait patiently on hold or call back when they reach an engaged tone. The internet has made it too easy for your potential customers to turn to a better prepared competitor to spend their money. In the Christmas shopping frenzy customers want their buying experience to be made simple and fast, relying on the attributes of your product over the products of competitors, or even past customer loyalty isn’t going to save the day.

So what’s the answer? If you follow the high street model, you could recruit more staff to help you answer your calls. But before you recruit, consider whether you have the space for them to work and do you have the time to train them? Do you really know when your call numbers are going to spike, will you know when and how many staff to have ready to answer them? What if your phone line is busy with an order or enquiry, how many other callers are reaching an engaged tone and hanging up? The solution would be to have multiple phone lines, but do you have time to install them and do you really want the cost of additional phone lines every month when you only need them at peak shopping times?

All of the above solutions cost a lot of money to instigate and to maintain, it’s also a risk to sign yourself up to these additional outgoings when the size and timing of your call spikes may be unpredictable.

A simple, fast and cost effective solution is closer than you think. A telephone answering service is available to support you if and when you need it. Their team of call agents are on hand to manage your multiple incoming calls, each will be answered by call agents assigned to your account who know your business and will answer each call as though a member of your own in house team. A telephone answering service works with you to understand your needs, ensuring that the way each call is handled matches your customer care model. Trained call agents can even process orders via your own online order system, or collect details for you to process an order, or return a call at your convenience. Whether you expect 5 calls or 500 calls a day, your needs can be met and adjusted, giving you the confidence to know that your business wont miss out as Christmas approaches.

Call csnotepad today on 01273 741400 to discuss how we can help you to maximise your Christmas telephone sales, never miss an enquiry, and offer you a reassuring safety net during your busiest times.

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