How to Run a Business & Travel the World: Tips & Considerations

Friday, October 28th, 2016

You can travel the world and still run your business, in our last blog we covered a few key ways of tackling communication while you’re away. Each country offers its own challenges and this blog will offer a few tips and things to consider when choosing your destination.

sand dunes in Namibia

What will the time difference be between you and your customers? Being in a different time zone doesn’t have to be a problem, you may just have to consider shifting your working day to accommodate for it. It’s important to engage with your customers, to make calls or to respond to their emails at a time when they’re in a position to respond. Conversations that suffer hours of silence between responses are unlikely to get the outcome you’re looking for, deals lose momentum and the stream of conversation can be lost almost completely. Starting your day earlier, or working later will combat all but the most extreme time differences, ensuring that the bulk of your working day is in line with working hours in the UK and closely mirrors the hours your customers expect you to be contactable.

Simple steps can stop the time difference from being a hindrance, think about keeping your computer on UK time so that your emails still send with a logical time stamp. This will avoid questions being asked when your emails appear to be sent in the early hours of the morning, or late at night, and ensure that they filter into your customers inbox in the right order. Keeping your computer on the UK time also helps you to better plan your working day, making it easier to note when your contacts might be on their lunch break or when to call to catch them before they leave off for the day.

Running your business from outside the UK doesn’t mean you’re chained to wifi hotspots, and it doesn’t mean you’ll simply have to stomach high data roaming charges. Look into getting a local SIM card which offers a meaty amount of data, you can then keep an eye on your inbox from your phone whenever you’re away from your wifi connection.

When working away from the UK you’ll come to rely on your laptop more than ever, it becomes the gateway to your business and your tool for communication. Be prepared – some hotels may only have wifi in common areas, or you may wish to work while travelling, think about taking (and fully charging!) a spare battery for your laptop so that you can continue working without searching for a power socket. Computer issues are a stress no matter when or where they happen, but to decrease the time you’re out of action, know where your closest computer repair shop is and be sure to frequently back up your documents. If your laptop is lost or stolen, know that you’re able to quickly get a replacement, do your research, how long would it take for Dell or Amazon to dispatch and deliver, do they keep the model you need in stock, and will they definitely deliver to the country you’re in? Checking all of this information in advance can drastically reduce the time and stress it takes for you to be back working.

Finally it’s worth using the services of a virtual receptionist in the UK, even as a backup. A virtual receptionist service can manage your incoming calls, ensuring that each and every call is answered professionally and promptly by trained call agents assigned to your account, seamlessly acting as though members of your own team. You have full control of the way your calls are handled, they can either be patched through to you on a mobile or landline, or they can be answered on your behalf. It’s a simple and cost effective way of relieving the pressure as you travel, offering you peace of mind at the times you need it most, and helping you to maintain your excellent customer service, wherever you are in the world.

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