Personal Calls & Business Calls: Avoid the Need for 2 Mobile Phones

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

When it comes to business, every call matters. Using your personal mobile as your business phone may seem like the perfect solution, after all, you carry you mobile with you everywhere so what better way to ensure you never miss a call. In this blog we discuss why using your personal mobile is bad for business, bad for your sanity and bad for your work life balance. Find out how a virtual receptionist can support you and eliminate the need for a second phone.

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Using your personal mobile as your business number gives you no privacy, and erodes any separation between your home-life, and your work-life. When will your work day finish? Being able to ‘leave the office’ is important, you need to be able to deal with work issues in work hours, yet when using your personal mobile as your business number you’ll struggle to escape interruption. Don’t just assume that your customers will be kind enough to only call you between the hours of 9 and 5, think again, you’ll be surprised and if you answer their call once out of your work hours, you’ll set a precedent for taking calls at unsociable times. Monitoring your incoming calls and knowing which to answer and which to leave is a minefield, how will you know who’s calling if their number isn’t already in your phone book?

How will you choose to answer calls from unknown callers, professionally or personally, with a business greeting or a friendly general greeting? If it’s a new customer enquiry wouldn’t it be best to answer with the business name and give the very best first impression? But do you really want to be answering the phone to your friends and family with a business greeting, funny perhaps, but how can you take the risk of it not being a work related phone call? Equally, consider your voicemail greeting, would this be a business message or a general polite greeting, wouldn’t work enquiries benefit from knowing they’ve reached the right number, but wouldn’t personal callers question whether they’ve reached the right person if they’re greeted unexpectedly with a business voicemail? There are so many issues to overcome that you may feel that achieving some separation between your work and your life is only possible with another phone. Buying another mobile phone and keeping this number solely for business related enquiries may seem like a great solution, there’s the obvious expense of maintaining two mobile phone contracts, but you’re also now carrying around two mobile phones, one in each pocket. One rings and you reach for the wrong pocket, looking hard at the phone you take a moment to remember which phone is which and stumbling on how to answer….then there’s remembering to charge both phones at night! So it’s a solution, but not a solution without a string of inconveniences. Consider that although a mobile phone offers you the flexibility to never miss a call wherever you are, having a mobile number as your only business contact may look unprofessional to potential clients. It signifies that you do not have a land line and therefore no office base, that you my be transient and more difficult to contact if problems arise – ultimately bringing into question the credibility of your business.

Using a telephone answering service offers an easy solution and avoids the need for a second mobile phone. A telephone answering service can answer your calls on your behalf with a professional business greeting, seamlessly acting as a member of your own in-house team. A telephone answering service can provide you with a land line number that will be exclusively yours to give to your business contacts and use on your business cards. All calls to this number can be answered by the call agents, and then patched through to your personal mobile after informing you of who the caller is, or alternatively a message and number can be taken (and sent to you by SMS or email) for you to call back at a time that’s convenient.

A telephone answering service avoids the need to carry around a second mobile phone, they provide you with a land line number, ensure that a call is never missed, and provide you with the professional guise of having your own in house receptionists!

To find out more visit our website, or contact us on 01273 741400.

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