Take a Holiday with the Help of a Virtual Receptionist Service

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

There are lots of great reasons to use a virtual receptionist service. If you run your own business then the support and backup that a virtual receptionist service can offer is substantial, acting as a safety net just when you need it most. Being your own boss certainly has its appeal: to not be answerable to anyone, to manage your own time and reap your efforts directly, but what about when you want to take a break; you work hard, don’t you deserve a holiday?

Skiing holiday

To many business owners a holiday is unimaginable, the loss of sales and the lack of response to customer enquiries simply isn’t worth the risk, stress, or loss of earnings. If you use a virtual receptionist service to support you and your business, this is the exact point when the service can really prove its worth.

Think of it like having a fully trained workforce waiting in the wings, all you need to do is give a little instruction on how you’d like things handled while you are away. While you’re away let your virtual receptionist service take a more dominant role, they can answer all your calls and ensure that your high customer service is being maintained. There is no need for your customers to reach an answering machine, or receive an automated out of office response, there is no need for you to risk losing the great customer service reputation you have worked so hard to build. Many virtual receptionist services can even process customer orders through your own website or business software, book in appointments and take payments for you. Importantly they can keep you informed by text or email every step of the way so that you can enjoy your holiday while still feeling in the loop. This helping hand can also offer you a safety net during busy periods, ensuring you never miss a potential sale.

For more information on how our virtual receptionists can support your business call us on 01273 741400 or visit our website.

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