A Virtual Address & Virtual Phone Number: The Easy Way to Disguise That You Run Your Business From Home

Monday, December 14th, 2015

An interesting article in The Guardian reported that a record 13.9% of people working in the UK now work from home – and almost two thirds of these people are self employed.

Working from Home

Working from home has its obvious advantages such as eliminating commuting time, offering flexibility with your working hours, less distractions and the freedom to set up your office space wherever you choose. Perhaps you’ve converted the garage, or perhaps you work best at the kitchen table or on the sofa. However cosy or informal you choose to make your working space, you don’t have to lose the professional appearance and reassurance that an office location and landline number will offer your customers.

Have you considered how powerful a virtual number and a virtual address could be for you as a self-employed home worker?

A virtual address and/or a virtual number can help you to create the right business image on both your website and your business cards. It can help you to appear a professional, serious and successful contender within your field.

The power of the internet means that any potential customer can search the address you put on your business cards – do you really want your business to be based from a quiet cul-de-sac in an suburban area, or would a business centre within the city offer a far better first impression? It also protects your home details and offers you a little privacy; a virtual address simply places your business somewhere other than your front room. If you are local to the virtual address you can collect your post yourself, or alternatively for a small additional cost post can be forwarded directly to your home address.

Have you considered that having only a mobile number on your business cards may be damaging your chances with potential customers? A mobile number gives the impression that you do not work from a fixed location and that you also work alone, both of these things may make a customer feel uncomfortable choosing you. A virtual number is a landline number that you can use on your website and your business cards which instantly makes your business look more credible. Landline numbers are trusted and your potential customers may be reluctant to call a mobile number for fear of escalating call charges. Any calls made to your virtual number can seamlessly be forwarded to your mobile without the caller being aware.

Both a virtual number and a virtual address can help you to maintain a professional and reliable front to your business while you continue to work from the comfort of your home!

With CSnotepad our virtual address in Brighton starts from £210 a year – find out more here. For information on the geographic virtual numbers we can provide, please click here.

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    [...] As a small business there may seem no alternative but to give out your mobile number, but how professional does this look if it’s the only number for customers to call you on? It gives a very clear message that you do not run your business from an office, and it could make customers question the size and reputability of your business. There’s nothing wrong with running your business from home, it’s how the majority of businesses start, but giving out your home land-line number may feel like a breach of your own privacy and calls wont be answered professionally with your company name. Worse still, unanswered calls will reach your personal answering machine with its rather informal and over friendly “you’ve reached the Smith family, you know what to do after the beep!” A virtual receptionist company can provide you with a land-line number which you can either then direct to your mobile or have answered by your virtual receptionists, disguising the fact that you work from home. See our blog ‘A Virtual Address and Virtual Phone Number: The Easy Way to Disguise That You Work From Home&… [...]

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