Appear a Giant in Your Sector by Using a Virtual Receptionist Service

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

There’s no shame in running your business single handedly from a laptop in your front room, every business has to start somewhere. There’s no point in adding additional costs such as office rent and staff wages until your business is big enough to warrant it, and profitable enough to sustain it – even Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon started by fulfilling orders from his garage. Many businesses can function long-term on this very simple model, however, you probably don’t want your customers to know the scale of your business, even though you know you can promise them big customer service and product satisfaction.

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Customers will believe a bigger company will be a more reliable one, gaining confidence from details such as a business address and land-line telephone number. An office or shop with a land-line doesn’t guarantee a service will be any better, or that a product will be in any way superior, but it does give a customer confidence to part with their money and could make the difference between them choosing you over a competitor. Having a receptionist is also a strong indication of the size of your business, and shows that you have a large enough volume of enquiries to warrant an extra pair of hands.

Using a virtual receptionist service can help you to quickly and effortlessly create the illusion of size within your sector. All your calls can be answered by a trained agent while you’re free to focus on the areas of your business that need your attention. You can work together to produce the perfect script that will be used every time you receive a call and maintain the brand voice that you’ve created. The service is discreet and seamless, with your customers believing they have reached your receptionist or your accounts department. You can be supplied with a virtual address to receive post and a land-line number that can even be directed to your mobile.

To find out more about the services CSnotepad can offer your business click here.

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