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A single sentence that can mean so much to your business

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

One of our team here at CSnotepad was recently asked by a potential customer to sum up what we offer in just one sentence. After some thought, they came up with:

‘We provide you with a dedicated telephone line for your business, that’s answered instantly, by a human being, who’s trained on your account and proficient in using your system’.

It’s a terrific answer, particularly if you look at the importance of the four key elements within it:

• Answered instantly – how irritating is it when a phone just rings and rings? It’s easy to get annoyed when you wait what seems like a lifetime before being taken through to an impersonal answering machine. The irritation often turns to doubts about whether the right number has been dialled. Some people ring off and try again – with the same result – except their frustration levels have just moved up a notch or two. It’s also known that a wait for a response often leads to the gathering of negative thoughts, even before contact has ever been established!

• By a human being – very few people ever dial a number and hope for an automated response. If this leads to a menu of choices, and then another one – each point of this process gives the caller a chance to hang up in anger. If a caller is invited to leave a message, how often is this unclear or even garbled? All roads lead to complete frustration!

• Who’s trained on your account – how often do you call a company and seem to know more about their products or services than the person answering the phone? As one of their current or potential customers, it’s not really your job to educate the person who answers your call. This is why our team take so much care in finding out everything we need to know to professionally handle your incoming calls.

• Proficient in using your system – a final frustration for incoming callers is when the company representative they are speaking to doesn’t seem to know how to quickly progress their call to the next stage. This is another key with our CSnotepad team – we work to understand and then smoothly action your processes, right through to order fulfilment and payment processing where appropriate, whenever we handle a call.

All of the above allows us to work as an extra safe pair of hands for your business!

Outsource your life

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

If you are a sole trader or small business owner, you can waste literally hours of your life on the phone handling queries and processing orders. You can also blow a whole day on emails, arranging travel, making appointments – the list is endless and the end result is that your business suffers.

With any small business, you need to be driving the business, not fighting the small fires that crop up along the way and not getting bogged down in menial tasks. So if you can find a way to outsource your basic tasks, you simply have to take the opportunity.

First and foremost is the phone. If the phone never stops ringing, it can kill your day as you don’t get time to focus. So a service like CSnotepad’s allows companies like yours to concentrate on the big picture while a team of virtual staff fields your calls on a dedicated phone line, and manages order taking and payment processing.

Of course, this could be just the start of your outsourced life. If you’re like Tim Ferriss, author of The Four-Hour Workweek, you’ll streamline your workflow completely. You might not want to go as far as Ferriss, but if you adopt his principles and farm out all of your mundane work, from typing up letters and emails to delivering products, you might find you have far more free time to work on what is truly important.

Outsourcing isn’t just for the big corporations these days. Journalists use transcribers in Asia, one-man businesses find copywriters for blog posts, and soon we’ll have an army of on-demand workers to take care of household tasks as companies follow the Uber model for cleaning, handiwork and more.

So really analyse your workflow, make a timesheet that shows just how much time you spend each and every day on mundane tasks and see what you can do about sending that work to someone else. There is nothing more precious than your time, so it could be the best investment you ever make.

How to run a small business and keep your work-life balance

Monday, June 8th, 2015

Anyone that has become self-employed or is running a small business will know that a work-life balance can be hard to find. Being so emotionally invested can mean that it’s hard to switch off after a day at work, and you might find that your work life and personal life start to merge together. That’s particularly true if you’re working from home, so here are three things that can help you keep a work-life balance:

Get a separate physical space for your work

Don’t work in bed, or in the living room as you watch TV. Ideally, don’t work at the dining table either. You need a defined work space – ideally a separate room – that you don’t spend your leisure time in. Work in a home office and shut the door as you leave; the physical closing of the door should be linked to a mental closing of the door, so that your work is locked away. By working in places that you spend your leisure time, you’re inviting work into other parts of your life and might find it harder to stop and relax.

Get a telephone answering service or virtual receptionist

Many small business owners find that their home life starts to be interrupted by calls from customers, clients and salespeople. Constantly answering calls will eat into your personal life, and can also distract you when you’re working. As a result, your productivity will be lower. Some business owners make the mistake of giving out their personal home or mobile phone number, opening themselves up to a regular stream of business-related calls.

With a virtual receptionist, someone else can take your business calls on your behalf. You won’t be constantly disturbed by ringing phones, and your receptionist can deal with order taking or payment processing. Alternatively, your virtual receptionist can simply take messages so that you can deal with calls when it’s convenient for you, not when your son or daughter is waiting for their bedtime story.

Give yourself time off

It can be tempting to work as often as possible when you run a small business, but you should always give yourself the same rights as you’d give an employee. Give yourself proper breaks and lunch breaks, stop working at a set time, and make sure that you take holidays and days off frequently.

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