Common mistakes to avoid in e-commerce marketing

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

These days, it is perfectly possible to run and market a company entirely from an online base. Yet if you want to truly maximise the potential of your e-commerce venture, it is essential you market your products the right way. That begs the question: in an increasingly crowded marketplace, how do you ensure you stand out from the throng?

Though the answer to that question will depend on the product you are selling, there are some mistakes that need to be avoided regardless of what market sector you are hoping to attract. These slip-ups all relate back to the same thing: a failure to make a real, human connection with the customer. Here are some very common errors e-commerce businesses make and how to dodge them.

The social media hard sell

While social media opens up a lot of doors for the smart marketer in the digital age, it can be hugely counterproductive if used incorrectly. It has not taken long for the regular social media user to grow weary of companies pushing their products aggressively through Twitter and Facebook, posting links to their online stores every few hours.

If this is the best you can do with your social media presence, you are wasting your time. The only way to use these platforms to your advantage is to put in the hours, building a social media voice and using that to interact with customers and potential customers to create a real connection with your products.

The impersonal touch

While some of your target market might be comfortable with a purely digital interface through which they can order their products and services, do not assume this will be the case with everybody. If you do not offer a more human, personal alternative, you will be missing out on sales and damaging your profits.

If you can’t afford to hire or do not have the time to hire a full time receptionist, a great solution is to outsource using a virtual receptionist service. These services will provide professional, human, e-commerce order taking, while still allowing you the flexibility and simplicity of running an online sales business.

Though the e-commerce sector offers great opportunities for the small business person, taking full advantage of these opportunities requires intelligent marketing. Do not resort to lazy social media tactics and ensure you offer a real, human connection with everybody in your potential market.

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