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Simple solutions to staff shortages in your business

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Not too long ago, if you were trying to run a business but did not have the money or resources to hire an adequate number of staff, the only possible result was failure. A sudden staff shortage due to a long-term illness or unexpected career break could be catastrophic for profits and productivity.

These days, however, things are different. Thanks to advances in technology and methodology, a business does not need to be tied down by its staff numbers. Here are three of the best modern solutions to staff shortage issues:

• Use employee referrals

If the main issue holding you back from employing adequate staff is either a dearth of talented applicants or a lack of time and money to expend on the hiring process, an employee referral system is a simple and, often, very effective solution.

As your current employees understand your business’s culture and the requirements of the position, they are likely to refer candidates who are qualified, have the right personality and are interested in being part of your team.

• Use a virtual receptionist service

Many small businesses have found great success by using a virtual receptionist service. These services handle all your incoming calls, meaning you can get on with your core business while they take care of your order taking, payment processing, customer service and more.

You don’t need to hire receptionists to answer phones, which is great if you are working from a small space or would prefer to keep your roster lean. Also, virtual receptionists are extremely helpful if your business suddenly becomes busier, as you will have a professional, well organised team manning your phones who have all the resources necessary to deal with the increased demand.

• Use internal recruitment

One quick and easy way to combat a shortage in one particular part of your organisation is to hire from another part of the organisation. Not only is this cheaper than advertising the post externally, it can also act as a motivator for your team.

As the existing employee is already established in your company, they will not need as long to adapt to its processes, and so their learning curve, theoretically, will not be so steep.

Staff shortages no longer need to be the crippling problem they once were for small businesses. Consider these excellent solutions and keep your business on target, regardless of how your circumstances might change.

How to make your small business look big

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

So, you have got a great business concept, a team you trust, a product you love and enough capital to get things in motion. Now comes the tricky part – marketing. How do you make sure your target market get the right impression of your business when it comes to selling your products and services? Believe it or not, you don’t have to be an advertising genius to work this out. There are, in fact, some very simple steps you can take to lend your small business that crucial air of prosperity from the moment you start trading.

Smart branding is not always expensive branding

You don’t need to hire an expensive marketing guru to make your business into a brand. You do, however, need to do a bit of thinking about your target market, where it is situated and how they will interact with your products and services. Take the time to consider your company’s colours, the sort of font and format you use in your marketing text, how you and your team dress when you meet potential customers and the tone of voice you use in communications. These are what truly makes for memorable branding. And, yes, a cool logo can’t hurt either.

It’s all in the name

The name under which you trade will have a massive influence over how people see your company. Stay away from anything that makes you sound local or like you’re doing this from your garage. Think success when it comes to christening your company.

Use a virtual receptionist for that personal touch

As well as giving all customers who call your company a professional image of the operation, a virtual receptionist can help take care of all those annoying little jobs that you just don’t have time for when you are running the whole show. Order taking, payment processing and other such activities can all be handled by a good receptionist service, freeing up time and keeping your business ticking over in a professional fashion.

Making a big impression with your small business does not necessarily mean spending a fortune on marketing. Follow these three tips and ensure your product is delivered to your target market with all the impact it deserves.

Make the call – why using a phone is still the best form of communication

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Times have changed – and the way we communicate has evolved faster than anyone could have predicted. 20 years ago, the quickest way to communicate was by using the phone, whereas today, there is also email, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime and texting. However, we believe that making a phone call is still the best way to conduct business and here are the reasons why:

1. Talking to someone on the phone means you are giving them your full attention. We all know that emails are often answered while someone is having their lunch or talking to a colleague. Talking to a customer on the phone means a better experience for them.

2. If you want an immediate answer, use a phone. We have all experienced those companies who don’t offer a phone number and only communicate through email. It can take days for someone to get back to you – and it is usually at an inconvenient time. By offering a phone number you look like an efficient, reputable business that cares.

3. Phones are universally user-friendly. Things can go wrong with new technology – it is easy to have a bad connection with Facetime or for a user to be unable to get online. You don’t have to be a computer whizz-kid to use a phone.

4. Using a phone saves time. People often draft out an email, reread it, change a few things, worry about their spelling and grammar, and then delete it. Having a friendly chat with a customer saves everyone a lot of time.

5. Hearing someone’s voice makes a business seem human. A friendly voice is worth a lot for a business – while they are order taking or payment processing, our team of virtual receptionists can help put your customers at ease.

6. The rapid rise in credit card fraud online means a lot of people are unhappy about entering their card details into an online form. Talking to someone on the phone is more reassuring for customers.

So, make the call – our telephone answering service is available today on 01273 741400.

Enjoy your holiday in peace thanks to our virtual receptionist service

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

So you are a new business. You have been through the slog of early mornings, late nights and been awake for the kind of hours that even the parents of a new born baby would consider excessive.

Time for a holiday, right?

Well in many cases, particularly in the modern online era where your business is visible 24/7, many new business owners just can’t drag themselves away for that well-earned fortnight in the sun. What if that big order you are waiting for comes in and no one is there to take the call? The business would just stop dead for two weeks, wouldn’t it?

Not with a CS Notepad virtual receptionist on-hand to help you out. With one of our solutions in place, you can holiday in peace, safe in the knowledge that everyone who contacts your business in your absence will be greeted by a friendly voice that is ready help them with their query.

For those business people who absolutely insist on going on holiday toting their iPad, we can even direct queries to your email address so you can provide answers from beside the pool or from your hotel room. This means that your business will not miss a beat while you are away and you can relax into your sun lounger safe in the knowledge that it is in good hands.

What’s more, there is no commitment. So when you return from your holiday, if you have no further need for a virtual receptionist, that can be that. We do have a sneaking suspicion however, given how busy you surely are and the plus points that our professional and efficient staff bring to your business, that we will be working together for a while.

For more information on how our virtual receptionist services could benefit your business and let you finally blow that layer of dust off your passport, please either give us a call on 01273 741400 or email us at

Alternatively, if you would prefer us to get in contact with you, fill out our email form and one of our team will get in touch.

Enjoy increased flexibility by opting to outsource your telephone answering

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

As the business environment evolves, businesses are deserting traditional employment structures in favour of more flexible working practices, such as outsourcing. This is a way of getting expert assistance with aspects of business operation without the obligations that come with employing permanent staff. Read on to find out why so many businesses are opting to use a specialist agency for their telephone answering, as well as to perform other important tasks, such as payment processing or order fulfilment.

Ensures a good service even during peak times

It may be the case that your existing staff can cope with current call volumes during less busy hours, but struggle to cope during peak times. Seasonal peaks in trade may also require additional staff to keep waiting times low and give maximum customer satisfaction. Using a telephone answering service on these occasions gives you a flexible resource whenever it’s required.

High calibre response

Customers invariably have high expectations, and as phone calls are frequently the first contact clients have with your company, making the right impression is absolutely vital. By opting for an adaptable, well trained telephone answering service, you can be confident your customers will be treated superbly, which will increase their interest in using you to meet their needs.

Facilitates new projects

If you need to test the waters with a venture, such as online marketing or a telephone buying service, outsourcing the service initially is a great way of testing the viability of your project before making it a permanent part of your operations. If you choose to use existing staff for a new initiative, why not employ a telephone answering service to provide exemplary cover for your core business, ensuring existing customers continue to receive the excellent response they expect from your organisation?

Outsourcing key parts of your business operations is a flexible, cost-effective way of maintaining high levels of customer service without the difficulties that employing permanent staff can bring. Given the excellent return on investment this way of working can bring, it’s little wonder that outsourcing is such a popular option with successful businesses.

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