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Make your business dream a reality in 2015

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

The new year is the perfect time to take that great business idea floating around in your head and make it a reality. Here are some simple tips that will help you on your journey to a thriving, profitable business.

What’s in a name?

Before you can start printing business cards and telling people about your company, it needs a name. Thinking of what to call your business can be an exciting part of the process, and trading ideas with other people involved is a good way to generate a list of candidates. Some people go for a word related to their industry, others go for something a bit more abstract in an attempt to choose something memorable or witty. Whatever you choose, make sure you a comfortable with it; it will be representing you to your clients after all!

Get a plan

Whatever area of business you want to operate in, you’ll need a thorough plan to help you through your exciting first year. This should cover things like who your target customers are, how much money you plan to make, what you need to start trading as a business, and how you want to market your product or services. It can be tempting to make it up as you go along, but a well thought out plan at the beginning can save a lot of trouble down the road, and helps to prove you are serious about success if you choose to get a business loan.

Start taking calls!

So you’ve got a great idea, a snappy name, and an ironclad business plan. The next step is to sit back and watch the money roll in, right? Well, not quite. You need someone on the end of the phone to take orders from your customers, and to field enquiries. That’s where a telephone answering service can come in handy. Our service allows you to have a team of friendly and professional staff dealing with customers at hours of your choosing, without having to hire your own staff or maintain offices; happy customers and lower overhead costs are the result. Even better, our service is completely customisable to your needs, so you will never miss a sale and never spend a penny more than you need to. We reflect our commitment to our customers with our short rolling contracts – our clients stay with us because it’s the best option, not because they are obliged to.

How can a telephone answering service help your business?

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

As an expert telephone answering service, we have put together six ways in which CSnotepad’s highly trained virtual receptionists can help your business thrive:

• Your customers never need to know you’ve outsourced – we offer small teams of dedicated receptionists for your business so that customers speak to the same people when they call. We also offer bespoke hold music to maintain and build your brand and you get a 01, 02, 03 or 08 telephone number included with your service.

• We fit in with your hours – whether you’re a 9 to 5 or 24/7 business, we can accommodate your needs with personalised call handling whenever you need us, or free out of hours voicemail.

• Cost effective – there are no set-up fees and we don’t charge for cold calls, wrong numbers or testing your own line. You also save on recruitment and salary costs of employing staff just to handle your calls.

• Flexible approach – there may be times when your business experiences a high volume of calls, but at other times, calls are manageable. We offer you the ability to change your call plans on a monthly basis and don’t tie you in to long contracts. We can even add enhanced services, such as order taking, if you need them to help manage the needs of your business.

• Professional and efficient service – as a business owner or manager, you probably have enough to do, so why not leave it to our skilled and experienced virtual receptionists to answer your calls professionally and efficiently?

• You can use our data to tailor your services more effectively – if you were handling your own calls, it’s unlikely that you’d have the time to analyse them. We provide a daily summary of calls as well as instant notifications. This could help you work out the types of calls you’re getting most frequently, or when your busiest periods are, to allow you to tailor your package more effectively.

To find out more about our telephone answering service and how it could help the success of your business, contact us today on 01273 741400 or email

Selling a virtual receptionist business? When should you start planning?

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

If you are selling a virtual receptionist company, you may well be wondering about timing, and how far in advance you should ideally start planning your sale.

The simple truth is the more time you allow yourself, the better. Some people may even find it takes up to a good couple of years to prepare effectively.

There may be a number of things you need to do to prepare your business for sale, and these might include a change in business strategy, for example, which would maximise your profits in the short-term.

You may also want to put in place tax-efficient strategies, perhaps by making pension fund contributions, so that you realise the full potential of your investment, and this can also take time.

Equally, if you are selling a virtual receptionist company because you are retiring, there may well be other issues to address.

General business conditions can also have an impact, from the level of interest rates to the pace of economic growth. How your individual business is performing may well be another factor to take into account. If your performance is strong, for example, but you anticipate future issues or challenges, it could be a very good time to sell.

However, despite all these factors to take into account when planning the sale of your business, you can spend far less time grooming and preparing your company if you talk to us first.

At CSnotepad we provide a range of business telephone answering services, and we’re interested in buying virtual receptionist companies of all sizes.

That means we’re keen to hear from anyone who is thinking about selling their virtual receptionist business, or client base; regardless of circumstances or whether you are running in the red or making a healthy profit, whether you have a few clients or hundreds of customers.

We treat all queries about business sales in strict confidence, and sign non-disclosure agreements to give you extra protection.

Remember, we’ll buy your whole business or just your client base or list, so talk to us before you do anything else.

If you own a telephone answering service, CSnotepad of Brighton & Hove ask: Is it time for a new challenge?

Monday, January 12th, 2015

In recent years, the internet has opened up huge opportunities for anyone looking to start their own business. More and more people are choosing to ‘escape the rat race’ and become self-employed, often setting up their own business which can be run and managed from home.

Obviously, it makes good sense to build a business based on your existing skills and talents, and for many people choosing to opt-out of traditional 9-5 office based roles, that makes selling virtual receptionist company services an obvious choice. The start up costs can be kept low, you can build a client base gradually and you can work hours that suit your own schedule while balancing other commitments.

However, it can often lead to a feeling of being back in the rat race you were so keen to escape, only now, you’re running it from home, often without any support from coworkers. It can feel overwhelming and lonely, which can often be a reason for someone deciding that selling virtual receptionist business services is no longer the path they wish to take.

Another reason, is that through providing virtual receptionist services, a self-employed person may uncover another niche which they’d prefer to investigate. Perhaps they have dipped a toe in the world of social media or copywriting and are looking for a change of direction.

In any case, one of the greatest advantages of being self-employed is that when you feel it’s time for a new challenge, you can go right ahead and pursue your new dream. But what to do with the client base you have already built? Obviously you won’t want to leave them in the lurch, and in fact, selling your virtual receptionist client base could help provide a cash sum to invest in your new venture too.

Deciding on selling virtual receptionist client base lists can feel daunting, which is why we at CSnotepad treat all enquiries relating to this in the strictest of confidence and always sign non-disclosure agreements to protect the enquirer.

We’d be happy to hear from you if you are thinking about selling your virtual receptionist company, whether you have a client base spanning hundreds of clients or just a handful. Whatever your reason for selling, whether you are trading at a profit or a loss, on a large or small scale, get in touch with us today to find out more.

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