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CSnotepad virtual receptionists of East Sussex ask: Are you prepared for success?

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

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Imagine the scene; you have created and launched an innovative marketing campaign. Emails have been sent, landing pages have been created and social media has been set aflame, and now all that remains is for the phone to start ringing.

But there is one vital component missing. What happens if you are successful? Really successful. So successful that you don’t have the time to answer, field and follow up on all the extra phone calls and internet responses that your campaign has generated?

Today’s marketplace moves so fast that if you fail to take advantage of a warm lead as it happens, you will soon become yesterday’s news as a more reliable competitor will be all too happy to capitalise on all your hard work. It has been said that time kills all deals. Never has that been more true than today.

But don’t panic. Well yes, panic, but channel it in a good way. There is a solution to this problem. CSnotepad has it covered. A virtual receptionist company is far more than just a telephone answering service, it is a means to rapidly scale your operation to cope with the kind of opportunities and changes that can occur from time to time.

If you have bitten off more than you can comfortably chew, a professional service to field calls and emails can help you to retain customer interest and convert that interest into hard sales.

So contact CSnotepad on 01273 741400 today and let us support you in your success.

Interested in using our virtual receptionist service? Click here.

Are you thinking of selling your virtual receptionist company? If you are, CSnotepad of Brighton & Hove, Sussex would like to know

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

If you have taken the time to build up your own virtual answering service, you may now be in a position where you are wondering what to do next. At CSnotepad, we specialise in purchasing established businesses of this nature, and we can help you to generate capital by selling your virtual receptionist business and also your database of clients and contacts. Many of our previous clients have taken advantage of this solution to unlock the capital in their business and use this funding to get a head start on their next venture – we are currently interested in talking to business owners in the industry with all sizes of telephone answering services.

Many people may be wondering why we have decided to specialise in this type of acquisition – it is because we have the infrastructure in place to rapidly expand our own operations when we take on a number of new customers. In the event that your own answering business may no longer be profitable, this is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with us, and in any case your database of clients could potentially be useful to us. In any area of business, knowing when to sell up and move on is of paramount importance, and this is the opportunity that we are offering. When you contact us about selling your virtual receptionist client list, we treat all enquiries in the strictest confidence, and this also includes non-disclosure agreements to protect your interests.

Once you have decided to get in touch with us and find out more about selling your telephone answering business, the entire process is relatively straightforward. CSnotepad is based upon the most up to date technology in the industry, and this is how we have managed to develop our own successful service – this same technological power enables us to integrate other client databases quickly and easily. All of this is backed up by our top-level marketing and industry expertise, and this is all the assurance that you need to prove that your company will be in good hands. Whatever the current situation of your virtual receptionist business may be, we would be delighted to hear from you on 01273 741400, and you can also send us an email at

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