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3 Reasons your business needs an outsourced order taking service; by CSnotepad call answering service, Brighton, UK

Monday, September 29th, 2014

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The internet has opened up the possibility of running a business to everyone. There are countless e-commerce websites; all competing for the same orders. At CSnotepad we help clients who want to maximise profits, who are looking to gain an edge over their competitors, distinguish themselves by offering the best service. Is this something your business is seeking to do? Here we explain how a telephone order taking service can bring an increase in customers and an increase in profits to your business!

1. Not everyone is comfortable spending online

Although most people can use the internet, spending money online is much less common. 80% of the online population have used the internet to purchase something, however, only 50% of those shoppers have used the internet to buy something more than once. Although these statistics show how popular internet shopping is becoming, have you considered the 20% who have never shopped online?

This 20% are not comfortable shopping online. Even some of those people who regularly shop online may have questions they want answered before they proceed with a purchase. In such circumstances, there is no substitute for a phone call. The chance to speak to a real human being. Receive the reassurance needed.

With a CSnotepad order taking service running alongside your e-commerce website nobody will slip through your sales net.

2. Stand out with excellent customer service

Consumers, however familiar they are with computers and the internet, still appreciate being able to speak to a representative of a company. It humanises your service offering. It builds trust by demonstrating an openness and honesty to the consumer. These are all factors that will help you stand out amongst your competitors. It could be the factor that causes your product or service to be chosen ahead of the others.

3. The cost effective investment

An outsourced order taking service is both a great investment in your business and a much cheaper alternative to hiring staff to fulfil the service in-house. Our staff are fully trained to deliver a professional telephone order taking service. You could have an extension to your team ready to serve your business immediately.

Cater to all kinds of consumer. Take all types of order. Watch your sales increase!

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Selling a virtual receptionist company? If you are, CSnotepad virtual receptionists of South East, UK wants to hear from you

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

According to recent findings by Start-Up Britain, over 500,000 new businesses launched in the UK in 2013. This is a trend that has continued since the stock market crash in 2008, with many people using newly available government grants to help them to change career or otherwise scratch their entrepreneurial itch.

As the market continues to contract in some areas and expand in others, the need for virtual business services is increasing because of the flexibility this affords. During times of growth companies often experience the need for additional, professional resources without the headache of hiring and training staff.

Equally there are times when companies need to downsize during a bid to increase efficiency or change direction, and outsourcing receptionist duties can be one way of achieving this.

Our virtual reception services have helped businesses from small start-ups operating on a sole proprietor basis, all the way through to large businesses who need efficient handling and processing of their calls and emails.

By developing a successful business model and professional operating standards we have supported businesses and helped them to develop and remain competitive through those tricky early years, or during times of upheaval and change.

As a result, CSnotepad has itself become established as a market leader and has experienced unprecedented growth.

We are therefore now in a position to further accelerate this growth by acquiring other virtual receptionist companies.

Regardless of the size of the business, the reason that it is being sold, or whether it is running in profit or loss, we are keen to speak to proprietors to see if there might be mutual benefit to be gained from an acquisition.

We are interested in purchasing virtual receptionist companies, their database and/or client list, whether the company is small, with only a handful of clients, or large and established with clients running into the hundreds.

All discussions will of course be treated with the utmost discretion and in the strictest confidence, and we are very happy to sign nondisclosure agreements as appropriate to protect the enquirer.

So if you are selling a virtual receptionist business, or have a client list or database of companies requiring this type of service, then please call 0845 199 99 39 or email in confidence.

CSnotepad of South East UK share: How can a virtual order taking service seem less virtual to people calling in?

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

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Potential CSnotepad clients often have a common concern about outsourcing their sales to an external team of call handlers – the potential for callers to realise that they are not speaking directly to the company in question. This is something that we take very seriously, and this is why all calls are answered quickly by staff that are fully knowledgeable about the company that they are representing. As someone getting in touch to place an order, there is nothing more off-putting than speaking to someone who sounds like they are just filling in for actual employees.

Full control over customer greetings
When setting up an answering service with CSnotepad, you get to choose the exact greeting that callers encounter. If you already have an in-house team of staff that all answer calls in the same manner, this can be replicated quickly and easily, and your customer base will be none the wiser. We offer 24/7 call handling, which means that this authentic greeting will sound even more impressive at 3.30am!

Anticipating extra demand without lengthy queues
Every business has their ‘busy’ times, and it would usually be costly to hire extra temporary staff and increase office infrastructure to handle the call volumes. A virtual and remote order taking service can be put into action swiftly, and it is customisable enough to sound like calls are being handled by your permanent staff. As a CSnotepad solution is scalable, it can grow at the same rate as your continued success.

An outsourced solution that truly cares about your business
When some people hear the words ‘virtual’ and ‘outsourced,’ they instantly think of a lifeless call centre that is only concerned with handling as many calls as possible. When we set up a telephone order taking service, we provide call handlers that are just as passionate about your products as you are. Nothing is worse than leaving your reputation in the hands of disinterested and robotic personnel, and we have developed our entire offering with this in mind.

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How virtual receptionists can be better than the real thing; by CSnotepad of South East, UK

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Interested in using our order taking virtual receptionist service? Click here.

As companies work to reduce overheads and increase profitability, increasing numbers of firms are turning to virtual receptionists and the remote order taking and other services they provide. Not just established companies, either, but start-ups that are extremely mindful of cashflow and costs, as well as e-commerce firms who don’t have their own staff to handle calls but are mindful that there are times when customers want to speak to someone rather than just email.

Virtual receptionists offer firms a low-cost way to provide excellent customer service to their clients, with no long and off-putting holding times because calls are answered instantly via a dedicated line and by personnel who are trained in a client’s business and know how to respond.

It’s also a great way to focus on running your company and driving it forward rather than being tied up with taking orders on the phone and neglecting key aspects of the actual business itself. Plus, it saves you the time of looking for competent receptionist staff and the large expense of paying their wages, benefits and entitlements – all a huge drain on a company’s finances.

A virtual receptionist does more than just answer the phone and take messages. Along with taking orders for their clients, because they’re extensively trained in the account, they can proficiently handle a range of callers’ queries, from payment processing to diary management and much more.

If you’re thinking out expanding into other areas outside your locale, having a telephone order taking service in a different town or city can be an ideal way not just to test the market beyond your home region but it’s also a viable and cost-efficient method of branching out into other markets. People in Brighton, for example, might think twice about ordering a product or service from a company based in, say, Hull, but if there was a local Brighton number they would be more inclined to call.

Additionally, in an economy that’s increasingly 24/7, driven by ecommerce that’s always on and available everywhere, having a virtual receptionist answer calls around the clock can make the difference between being a mediocre firm and a real winner.

Interested in using our order taking virtual receptionist service? Click here.

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