CSnotepad virtual receptionists of Brighton & Hove, Sussex, South East, UK, share: 4 vital startup basics from Richard Branson

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

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1. It’s all in the name: A catchy name will help people to remember who you are and what you sell, and make it easier to find on search engines. Then put that name on every receipt and marketing item, remind customers of it at every opportunity.

2. Hunt for treasure: One of the best ways to keep customers coming back is to sell unique products that they won’t be able to find anywhere else. At Virgin Records, we prided ourselves on offering customers hard-to-find albums, we stocked live recordings of concerts and many foreign imports.

3. Stand out from the crowd: It would be good for business if you can find a way to make your store stand out from the others, especially on popular sites. Providing great service is a good start, but we always looked for stunts or stories to make our businesses noteworthy.

4. Keep in touch: Once you have customers, make sure you keep them coming back. Send them news about new products, special offers and other developments in their areas of interest. If you look after your customers, they are more likely to buy from you again and to recommend your business to their friends, and a recommendation is far more valuable and cost effective than an ad.

Following Branson’s advice on the power of word of mouth, a telephone answering service like CSnotepad can provide the perfect customer service solution for start-ups. A virtual receptionist will provide all the services that an in-house receptionist would but for a fraction of the cost, for example, telephone answering, outbound calls, handling customer queries, order taking and diary management.

Avoiding the commitment of hiring a full time member of staff can be a huge weight off the shoulders for a newly starting company, and there is no compromise in customer service. In fact you are guaranteeing a better communication space for your customers by ensuring that they never reach an answer machine and always speak to a real person. This is absolutely crucial for a start-up as you can be sure that you never miss an all-important client call or business opportunity by not having time to answer the phone.

Thus a virtual receptionist truly can make all the difference for keeping in touch with customers to a start-up company. With that stress off your mind you can get back to enjoying your business!

Always consider Richards Branson’s advice; “Good luck! No matter what field you go into, remember the basics of success: keep enjoying what you do and do what you enjoy.”

Interested in using our virtual receptionist service? Click here.

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