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Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

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People who rave about the service they receive from an organisation expect more than the resolution of a problem. They want to feel valued as a customer and to be given special treatment. Callers of our clients are likely to conclude that the service has been excellent as our Brighton & Hove, Sussex based virtual PAs focus on conveying warmth and concern, in addition to problem solving. We can demonstrate that we care in two ways, our voices and our responses.

First and foremost, tone of voice needs to be friendly and sincere. Anyone who sounds rushed certainly will not convey the right attitude. Busy business owners may often find this is an issue, which is why they choose to employ the services of experienced virtual PAs, like CSnotepad. While everyone has different tonal qualities, people who smile automatically warm up their voice. Our virtual PAs constantly glance across their desks at each other to maintain the warm atmosphere in the office and remind each other of the importance of smiling. We also encourage pauses after particularly difficult calls to make sure that any leftover frustration is not transferred on to a new caller.

In addition to smiling, the tone of any voice can be improved by pausing and breathing. With proper breath and frequent pauses, an individual’s voice can become richer and more enjoyable. It is remarkable what a pause for a second or two between phrases or statements can do to convey ‘I care’. For example our Virtual PAs make an immediate, positive impression by pausing at least three times in a typical greeting rather than rushing out a company name and an unconvincing “how may I help you.” Those pauses convey that we are now totally focused on the caller. The caller concludes the call is not an intrusion but rather a welcomed occurrence.

Without pausing, it is impossible to convey any emotion in a voice. In fact, the voice may even sound flat or bored. A voice without emotion is a monotone. Callers have a knee-jerk response to a monotone voice. Thus, it is important to pay attention to how one’s voice sounds. A friendly voice will be received remarkably better and the caller will expect that their question or problem will be handled well.

Using positive words and phrases instead of negative or tentative statements ensures the caller will be pleased. As Virtual PAs it is likely that we will not be able to help our clients’ callers with everything that they need from our Brighton & Hove, Sussex virtual office. Having to saying no is a reality, but when it is couched with something positive, it is likely to be accepted. Tone of voice and good attitude on the phone is key to ensuring that callers leave happy in the knowledge that the person they need to speak to will call them back.

Finally our virtual PAs always acknowledge a caller’s dilemma with confidence and empathy. Truly listening and then sincerely apologising for any inconvenience caused by an issue means callers are likely to give the company high marks for service.

Excellence in service depends heavily on how the customer feels. If a company promotes service with feeling, it is likely they will achieve the results they desire. A happy customer becomes a loyal and repeat customer. Our Brighton Virtual PAs are expertly trained in providing excellent customer service in regards to virtual reception solutions. Read our commending Linkedin virtual receptionist recommendations or call us on 01273 741400 today to find out more!

Interested in using our virtual receptionist service? Click here.

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