CSnotepad virtual receptionists of South East, UK share: It is not what you know but how you communicate it that makes a difference

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

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When customers hear your voice on the other end of the line, they imagine the person behind the voice. If they like your voice they will perceive you as knowledgeable and confident. If they do not like your voice, it makes them want to disconnect or speak to a supervisor. Thus your voice is the best available tool for making customers trust you.

To exceed the customers’ expectations, your voice must consistently sound upbeat, clear, warm and under control. All of us are born with a unique voice. Our voices are our trademarks and it is important that we understand them. Unfortunately we cannot all have voices like Sir David Attenborough or the lady from the M&S adverts. However any voice can be improved and all of our virtual receptionists uphold this in accordance with our high customer service standards.

To improve the tone of your voice:
1. Breathe from the diaphragm. Many people are shallow breathers which can cause the voice to sound loud, harsh and grating.
2. Drink lots of water. The average person uses about 3- 4 litres of water per day. When you talk on the phone all day, it is important to keep the vocal cords lubricated to keep the voice sounding pleasant all day long.
3. Sit up straight. Posture does affect breathing which in turn affects your voice.
4. Use gestures. They will make your voice sound energetic, which is particularly important when you are tired. Gestures will give your voice additional power and will help you to emphasise words or phrases to get your point across.
5. SMILE :-) . You automatically warm up the tone of your voice when you smile and your customers will notice the difference! Keep a mirror on your desk and observe whether you are smiling while talking.
6. Tape record your voice and play it back. Would this be a voice that says, “I care?”
7. Get feedback on the tone of your voice. Ask your manager or a trusted friend.

All of our virtual receptionists know that it is our voice that sells people on our knowledge level and professionalism. It helps us to gain their support when difficulties arise. We make it sound the best it can by pausing and breathing and by maintaining it with good posture, big gestures and plenty of water. We provide extraordinary staff to our clients, happy to go the extra mile in virtual receptionist services, so they are secure in the fact that someone they know and trust is answering their business calls as if based in their office.

Interested in using our virtual receptionist service? Click here.

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