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10 ways to find true love with your customers, shared by CSnotepad call answering service of Brighton & Hove, Sussex, South East, UK

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

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We’re told that close, happy, mutually supportive relationships make the world go around. This remains true for relationships between a business and its customers.

You’ve all seen how love can spark between a company and its customers. Happy customers rave about their favourite brands to whoever will listen, their friends and family, on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. They give them 5 stars in Yelp and write glowing reviews. Even when the honeymoon phase is over, these customers will remain loyal to their beloved company.

Why are so many businesses having such a hard time navigating the path to their customers’ hearts? How can you win the love of your customers and build relationships that will stand the test of time. Salesforce suggest the 10 golden rules of relationship management from the customer’s point of view:

1. Treat me right- Don’t treat me like a number, and respond to me in a genuine way – I’ll be delighted!
– Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell 4-6 people about their experience.

2. Don’t come on too strong- Respect my space. I’ll share more when I am both comfortable and ready.
– A third of consumers say they experience rude customer service at least once a month, and 58% of them tell a friend.

3. Listen to me- Hear me out and remember all the important details I’ve shared. Show me you care.
– 60% of consumers will pay more for a better experience.

4. Woo me even after we seal the deal- Don’t take me for granted; treat me as you did the first time we met.
– The #1 reason for customer attrition is dissatisfaction with customer service.

5. Treat me like a valued partner- Ask for my feedback, show me my opinion matters. Don’t be afraid of the truth- you might like what you hear!
– On Facebook 35% of consumers expect a response after ‘Liking’ a business.

6. Build my trust- Alert me of any change that impacts our relationship, good or bad.
– It takes 12 positive service experiences to make up for one negative experience.

7. Be open with mistakes- Stepping up and apologising tells me you care about me, and not just your ego.
– Customer agitation is caused by feelings of poor treatment 68% of the time.

8. Call when you say you will- Follow through on your word. Walk the walk.
– 12% of customers leave if it takes two or more calls to resolve their issue.

9. It’s not me, it’s you- Recognise your responsibility in any outcome.
– 39% of customers end their relationship with a business that provides bad customer service.

10. Tell me “thank you”- Kindness and gratitude can improve the quality of our relationship and keep me wanting more.
– 3 out of 4 customers say they have spent more with a company because of a history of positive experiences.

Whether you’re looking for a long term relationship or cultivating a successful business relationship with your customers; being able to nurture a relationship in just the right way is key to achieving that goal.

Employing the services of CSnotepad call answering service could be just the ticket to show your customers that you care. From our offices based in Brighton & Hove, Sussex, we offer companies, of all shapes and sizes and spanning every sector, an alternative way to handle their incoming calls. All our virtual receptionists are expertly trained in customer service and know how to make your customers feel special when you may not have the time to answer the phone yourself.

The fact that there is a friendly voice on the end of your customer line instead of an answering machine is certainly one step in the right direction to nurturing a lasting customer relationship. However our virtual receptionists offer so much more on top of this as well, and are always happy to help! Call us today to find out more or read our glowing telephone answering reviews. Our customers are happy because we are making their customers happy! :-)

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Call patching/forwarding by CSnotepad telephone answering service of Brighton & Hove, Sussex, South East, UK

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

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Our call patching service allows you to have calls patched, forwarded or put through to another telephone line by our virtual receptionists.

Rest assured that your business telephone line will be answered professionally, every time, even if you are out of the office. Have the opportunity to take any urgent calls or indeed all calls, when you are available. Telephone calls can be patched through to landlines or mobiles. So work from home, the road, or a customer’s site, safe in the knowledge that your customers can still speak to you directly and immediately if need be.

If we can’t reach you, we can take a message or put the caller through to your voicemail so that they can leave a message themselves.

Call patching is particularly effective if you would like to provide your business with a centralised reception for a team of remote or home based workers, workers who are regularly out of the office, or branch offices. We can forward calls to individual members of staff, announce the caller and take a message if the member of staff is unavailable – just as your in-house receptionist would.

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CSnotepad virtual receptionists of Brighton & Hove, Sussex ask you – “Who’s answering your telephone?”

Friday, February 7th, 2014

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If you have the wrong person answering your phone, it is costing you sales and new business each and every day.

The telephone is without a doubt your NUMBER ONE most valuable tool in securing new customers and new business. Virtually all of your marketing and advertising is designed for one purpose — to persuade someone to pick up the phone and call you. If you blow the call, you have wasted a lot of time and effort for nothing.

Fact 1
When a prospect is calling around trying to find a company to do business with, they are most likely to go with the one that captures them in the FIRST conversation! The customer will go with the business where the person at the other end of the phone was felt to be SINCERELY interested in HELPING them solve their problem.

All too often customers will complain that businesses they have contacted were not interested at all in helping them, but just in obtaining the information they deemed relevant. Creating a positive customer service experience means taking the time to answer questions and explaining patiently any advice that needs to be given.

Fact 2
If you have the wrong person answering your phone, it is costing you sales and new business each and every day.
The person answering your telephone should:
• Have an outgoing personality
• Be a genuine people person
• Be patient
• Be sympathetic and compassionate
• Be compelling
• Be WELL TRAINED…and then trained some more
• Be knowledgeable about your products/service and be skilled at selling them
• Understand the law of reciprocity and how to use it to get people to say YES
• Be willing to listen for a long time
• Be able to handle major stress with a smile and a wink
• Be a take-charge person when it is necessary

It is crucial to understand that once a prospect hangs up the phone, if there was no help given and no problem resolved, the odds of you hearing back from them again is drastically reduced. Your telephone answering representative creates the first impression of your company to your clients, something that should never be overlooked.

Considering this, it would be wise as a business owner to invest in a virtual receptionist who can light up the people on the other end of that phone no matter how mad or upset they might be. Our virtual receptionists for example can put a smile on your customers’ faces and make them believe that your company is the greatest company in the world at whatever it is you do!

Bottom Line
You might need to take a closer look and a L-O-N-G listen to who is answering your telephones. They are either making you money or costing you money. If it’s the latter, you need to give them another job or replace them with someone who represents you and your company the way you want and need to be represented. Our Brighton & Hove, Sussex based virtual receptionists are highly skilled in telephone answering, and can provide an excellent service to your customers, so maybe they should be who is answering your telephone.

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CSnotepad virtual receptionists of South East, UK share: It is not what you know but how you communicate it that makes a difference

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

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When customers hear your voice on the other end of the line, they imagine the person behind the voice. If they like your voice they will perceive you as knowledgeable and confident. If they do not like your voice, it makes them want to disconnect or speak to a supervisor. Thus your voice is the best available tool for making customers trust you.

To exceed the customers’ expectations, your voice must consistently sound upbeat, clear, warm and under control. All of us are born with a unique voice. Our voices are our trademarks and it is important that we understand them. Unfortunately we cannot all have voices like Sir David Attenborough or the lady from the M&S adverts. However any voice can be improved and all of our virtual receptionists uphold this in accordance with our high customer service standards.

To improve the tone of your voice:
1. Breathe from the diaphragm. Many people are shallow breathers which can cause the voice to sound loud, harsh and grating.
2. Drink lots of water. The average person uses about 3- 4 litres of water per day. When you talk on the phone all day, it is important to keep the vocal cords lubricated to keep the voice sounding pleasant all day long.
3. Sit up straight. Posture does affect breathing which in turn affects your voice.
4. Use gestures. They will make your voice sound energetic, which is particularly important when you are tired. Gestures will give your voice additional power and will help you to emphasise words or phrases to get your point across.
5. SMILE :-) . You automatically warm up the tone of your voice when you smile and your customers will notice the difference! Keep a mirror on your desk and observe whether you are smiling while talking.
6. Tape record your voice and play it back. Would this be a voice that says, “I care?”
7. Get feedback on the tone of your voice. Ask your manager or a trusted friend.

All of our virtual receptionists know that it is our voice that sells people on our knowledge level and professionalism. It helps us to gain their support when difficulties arise. We make it sound the best it can by pausing and breathing and by maintaining it with good posture, big gestures and plenty of water. We provide extraordinary staff to our clients, happy to go the extra mile in virtual receptionist services, so they are secure in the fact that someone they know and trust is answering their business calls as if based in their office.

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Order taking telephone answering service by CSnotepad of Brighton & Hove, Sussex, South East, UK

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

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Provide ordering options that your customers want with our inbound telephone answering order taking services.

Some customers are happy ordering online, but some want to speak to a real person. Some won’t wait in a queue for the next operator, and will hang up and call your competitor, so secure every customer order your advertising generates with a telephone answering order taking service.

We provide you with a dedicated order taking line for your business, that’s answered instantly, by a human being, who’s trained on your products and proficient in your order taking system.

Trained call handlers

Our order taking plans are designed to cover a mixture of orders, product enquiries, and general enquiries to your business. Even if you advertise a number as a dedicated sales order line, customers will still call for product information or to chase their orders, so your team will be trained to manage a range of enquiries. You can even designate which calls you would like us to handle, and which you would prefer to answer yourself, such as specialist or bespoke requests.

We take your account with us seriously. We are not just taking orders; we are representing your business to your customers. Particularly when handling payment information, efficiency and accuracy are translated into trustworthiness in the eyes of the caller. Uncertainty equals distrust, so we will make sure your caller has complete confidence that their information is being handled confidentially and competently.

As each business and order taking system is different, achieving this level of skill requires thorough and ongoing training.

Integrated order taking

We integrate directly with your existing order taking system or can guide you through setting up secure telephone order taking or services if you do not have them as part of your business already.

If you are considering an overflow order taking service to back up your existing in-house staff during peak periods, rest assured our experienced order taking operators can mimic your existing procedures, and the effect will be seamless to your caller. They will be completely unaware they have transferred through to another team of staff.

Order taking for any company

Our order taking services are for those who typically have an ecommerce, but wish to either enhance or offer for the first time a telephone sales order line to their customers. A typical order would allow the caller to purchase items as they appear in your standard web catalogue, make secure payment via credit or debit card, and receive a confirmation of their order.

For clients who do not have an ecommerce site or online booking system, for example a local charity selling tickets for a one off event, we can offer a standalone order taking service.

We can also offer so much more than just an order taking service, including cross-selling, up-selling, product specialists, technical support and trouble shooting, back office order management and tracking as well as liaising with external suppliers and providers on your behalf. One of our dedicated account managers would be pleased to offer a personalised quote for any bespoke order taking requirements you may have.

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Virtual addresses explained by CSnotepad of Brighton & Hove, Sussex, South East, UK

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

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Many businesses utilise virtual addresses to solve a variety of problems:

• Sole traders or partnerships are able to obtain a city address for a fraction of the cost of renting office space.
• Home workers may prefer not to use their home address for customer correspondence.
• Businesses with an existing address can increase their geographical reach by appearing in additional locations.
• Foreign companies can provide a national presence.

How do virtual addresses work?

A virtual address is different to a serviced office, in the sense that you don’t actually rent floor or desk space. You pay a small monthly charge to make use of a business address on your letterhead, website, advertising material, etc… When your letters or packages are delivered to your virtual address, they can be held for collection, forwarded to you via post, or scanned and emailed to you.

Can a virtual address be used as a limited company registered address?

Yes a virtual address service can be used by a business as their registered office address at Companies House. The virtual address can also be used as a personal address for the company directors at Companies House rather than them having to have their home addresses in the public domain.

How much does a virtual address cost?

Virtual address cost in summary:
Obviously prices vary between companies but our monthly subscriptions start from just £24.99 per month to use our business address as your own. Our Standard service, which includes 30 letters forwarded free per month is £34.99. If you think you may have a lot more than this, give us a call and we’ll be pleased to provide a bespoke quote.

As most clients use a virtual address service for their business long term, we offer a discount of 5 months free when you pay annually.

Virtual address cost in detail (mail collection & forwarding):
If you are local to the area, you may collect your post from us free of charge. Your monthly subscription will be £24.99.
If you are not local, we offer mail forwarding. On our pay as you go plan we charge 75p per item of mail forwarded plus the cost of posting. On our standard plan your first 30 letters are included free of charge, you just pay for the cost of postage. Beyond your first 30, additional letters are 50p per letter plus postage.

We are able to sign for parcels on your behalf. If you require mail forwarding of parcels via recorded delivery or courier we charge £1.50 per item plus the cost of the postage or courier.

We can forward your mail internationally if required. Please note this is a ‘letter only’ business address service, we cannot ship goods or packages overseas. An additional £30 postage deposit is required for this service.

Virtual address cost in detail (mail scanned & emailed):
If you would like to have your mail opened, scanned and emailed to you rather than posted to you then you can use our scan to email service. The cost of this service is £29.99 per month and includes having 20 pages per month scanned and emailed to you. After emailing you your post we will destroy it, or we can either hold it for you to collect at a later date or we can forward it to you post (mail forwarding charges will apply).

On our scan to email service, you may still receive parcels which we are able to sign for on your behalf. For each parcel we receive for you on our scan to email service there is a handling charge of £1.50. You may then either collect your parcels or they can be forwarded on to you by courier.

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