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Thursday, January 30th, 2014

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In his book ‘No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs’, business coach and consultant Dan Kennedy (endorsed by reveals the steps behind making the most of your frantic, time-pressured days so you can turn time into money. The author describes the one habit you should adopt- and stick to without fail- if you want to be successful.

Kennedy advises that in his 35-plus years of experience everybody who devoutly adheres to this discipline becomes exceptionally successful and everybody who ignores this discipline fails.
The discipline is punctuality – being where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be there, as promised, without exception, without excuse, every time, all the time. It is of indescribably great importance.

Firstly, being punctual gives you the right to expect and demand that others treat your time with the utmost respect. You cannot reasonably hope to have others treat your time with respect if you show little or no respect for theirs. So if you’re not punctual, you have no leverage, no moral authority. But the punctual person gains that advantage over staff, associates, vendors, clients, everybody.

A person who cannot keep appointments on time, cannot keep scheduled commitments or cannot stick to a schedule cannot be trusted in other ways either. There is a link between respect for others’ time and respect for others’ opinions, property, rights, agreements and contracts. A person reveals a great deal about himself by his punctuality or lack of.

Now, here’s a “success secret” for you: a whole lot of other smart, successful, and influential people already know and secretly use this discipline to make their decisions about who they will buy from or not buy from, do business with or not do business with, help or not help, trust or distrust. If you are not a punctual person, others you wish to positively influence will negatively judge you. If you want to win friends and influence people, be punctual. And, if you’d like to save yourself a lot of time and trouble, start using this as a means of judging those who would do business with you.

Kennedy’s advice certainly seems to highlight an important point about how entrepreneurs should conduct themselves in business. However it can be difficult adhering to a strict schedule when you are already juggling many important commitments in your seriously time-pressured business day.

Prioritising tasks is key, as is learning when to delegate them. For example, answering the phone is crucial to running a successful company, but is also very time consuming. Consider where your time is best spent and delegate administrative tasks like telephone answering out to communication specialists like us! We can answer your phone, provide advice to customers, forward calls on, make outbound calls, relay messages, update diaries and take orders at your request. We offer a friendly and personalised service that is like having someone you know and trust answer your business line; the next best thing to you answering it yourself! It also ensures that you can honour your other, perhaps more important, commitments by freeing up some valuable time. After all you never know when you will get stuck on the phone with a difficult customer!

However punctuality is not just about getting to your meetings and appointments on time, but also honouring and upholding the guarantees that are made to the customers that initiate communication with your company. Giving someone a call back deadline of an hour and then not getting back to them until they chase you again the next day reflects whether you truly respect you customers or not. Again our telephone answering service can provide a solution to this by offering a middle platform to which you send your time updates to, so that we in turn can make sure your customers and partners are never out of the loop or feel neglected.

CSnotepad is a Brighton & Hove, Sussex based telephone answering service, with small teams of bright and capable virtual receptionists. We are not a call centre! Give us a call today and see what a difference it could make to you!

Interested in using our telephone answering service? Click here.

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