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Thursday, November 21st, 2013

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When you’re an entrepreneur, your business is like your baby. Delegating or outsourcing tasks can sometimes be difficult because no one can do things as well as you. Right?

Wrong, says Jordan Cohen, a productivity expert at PA Consulting Group. In a study for Harvard Business Review, Cohen and Julian Birkinshaw interviewed executives at 39 companies in the United States and Europe and found that 41% of their day was filled with activities that could be competently handled by others.

`”We’ve been socialised with the idea that completing a task is an accomplishment,” says Cohen. “But in today’s business world, an entrepreneur’s time can be better served by doing the tasks that matter most to the success of their business and delegating the rest.”

For example, call answering is vital for business success, but can be very time consuming, and so is a perfect area that can be easily delegated out. However finding the right people and trusting them with your company can feel risky. If you are going to outsource a service or support function, it must absolutely allow you to improve that function.

At CSnotepad of Brighton & Hove, Sussex, we are dedicated to excellent customer service. Therefore outsourcing telephone answering to our virtual receptionists is a perfect way to improve on a business function, whilst effectively delegating your tasks so you have more time to expand.

We work hand in hand with our client companies to build a relationship where you still feel in control and which can continually be built on for lasting success. Do not think of your virtual receptionists as a nameless and faceless entity but rather as an extension of your workforce based in a remote location. It is like having someone you know and trust on the end of your business line. Our virtual receptionists are capable and professional and will guarantee an excellent and friendly service for all of your customers.

So stop wasting your time on the phone, and delegate your calls to a personalised virtual receptionist service! You can get everything done, by doing less!

Interested in using our virtual receptionist service? Click here.

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