CSnotepad telephone answering service of Brighton & Hove, Sussex shares: Four selling essentials every startup should know

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

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So you have developed a great new product and invested thousands of hours of work. Now comes the tough part, selling your product. Many startup entrepreneurs don’t have a sales team to rely on, resulting in dismal sales. However this does not have to be the outcome for your venture.

One of the core truths about sales that new businesses need to understand is that the act of selling is not really about pushing products on people but more about solving a problem. The process of sales is about helping prospects; you are trying to improve your customers’ current condition.

Consider these 4 tips for selling:

1. Alter your thought process: As stated above, you need to pivot your thought process from how to close a deal to what problem you are trying to solve. Before listing off a product’s features, you should find out from the prospect what pain points they have. By asking questions you connect your product to the needs of your customer.

2. Always look to add value: Don’t think that once a customer hands over cash for your product, the selling process is complete. Do not miss an opportunity by stopping contact with the customer once the deal is done. Check in with your clients regularly and look for ways to keep supporting them, listen to their evolving needs and be ready to answer questions before problems arise.

3. Empathise with your prospects: Prospects get called by sales people all the time, and they can tell the difference between a sincere problem solver and an impatient sales person who doesn’t really care about their problems. Be part of the former group, listen to your prospect and address their problems. The better you listen to what they need and not what you want to sell, the better the sales relationship will be.

4. Deliver an appropriate solution: Prospects know when someone is just trying to sell them something, regardless if it is the right fit or not. Don’t be that person. Instead, provide a solution based on their unique circumstances.

Furthermore, startups are often motivated by a sense of idealism. You’re trying to do something better, faster or more efficiently. You’re looking to create and innovate. You’re bringing something into the world that hasn’t been done before. Bring this spirit and passion into your sales conversations with customers.

None of these selling points involve having a huge sales team to rely on. However they do advocate that sales for startups come from excellent customer service and from communication. Now often an entrepreneur will not have time to spend on the telephone answering customer questions. However it is important that someone is there. And that is where the modern marvel of the virtual receptionist comes in.

Virtual receptionists provide telephone answering solutions to businesses of all kinds and are expertly trained in customer service and telephone behaviour. Based on the company information that you provide us, we can answer your clients’ questions and even take orders as required. Even if we cannot answer your customers’ questions, they are reassured by the fact that they have spoken with a real human being rather than an answer machine or email, safe in the knowledge that the person who can help them will call them back when they are able to.

Take your customer service to the next level and ensure sales by truly solving your customers’ problems. Hire a professional, trustworthy and friendly virtual receptionist from our Brighton & Hove, Sussex, telephone answering office to help you along the way.

Interested in using our telephone answering service? Click here.

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