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Attitude is a choice so choose wisely shared by CSnotepad call answering service of Brighton & Hove, Sussex

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

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In order to be a master communicator, you must always maintain a positive attitude no matter what. Situations arise which serve to remind us time and time again that attitude shapes the outcome of everyday dealings in huge ways. Our virtual receptionists at CSnotepad know the importance of attitude, especially over the telephone. Our call answering services provide the perfect solution for business owners when it comes to having a capable, professional and positive person to answer their business line.

Having a positive attitude no matter what is thrown at you the other side can be difficult to maintain. Important traits that we consider for an excellent telephone answering attitude are as follows:

1. Having good listening skills- You have two ears and only one mouth for a reason. Those who choose to use their ears more than their mouth usually gain more valuable information than those who don’t.

2. Thanking people- Simple and obvious, but so often overlooked!

3. Enjoying being someone who helps people- This trait is very difficult to fake. A sincere love of helping others is an unbeatable complement to a hard and focused business drive.

4. Being trustworthy- It’s a proven fact that it’s much harder to re-gain trust after it is lost – choose the path of trustworthiness.

5. Being sincere- Sounding overly happy will sound sarcastic. Again find that part in yourself that really and genuinely wants to help others.

6. Being enthusiastic/motivated- Always consider your own internal motivation and drive to succeed.

Communication will not be every entrepreneur’s strong point. That is where a call answering service could benefit you hugely. Our virtual receptionists make a conscious effort to be aware of our attitudes at all times. We know what it is like to be at the receiving end of someone with a bad attitude and therefore also know how a positive attitude can help turn a conversation around with even the most difficult person. Every customer should leave better and happier after coming to you, and that is what our Brighton & Hove, Sussex call answering agents strive to do on every one of our client’s calls.

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Virtual help for real entrepreneurs by CSnotepad telephone answering service of Brighton & Hove, Sussex

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

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If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve got piles of paper cluttering your office and to-do lists that seem to be multiplying like rabbits. The good news is that many of the tasks that keep you from being as productive (and profitable) as you could be can be outsourced to virtual offices. You may not think you can afford to hire help, especially in these economically turbulent times. But the fact is you can’t afford not to.

Our virtual receptionists at CSnotepad provide telephone answering solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes from our Brighton & Hove, Sussex. This includes message taking, answering customer queries, call forwarding, outbound calls and voicemail management, as well as order taking and diary management. Thus a virtual receptionist can answer your business line at any time that you may need and provide a friendly and professional front-of-house experience for your clients. Speaking to an actual person always reassures customers and helps maintain the illusion that your one man band is actually a much larger company. It also allows you the all-important time to get back to growing your business.

Another useful and brilliant service provided is the opportunity to use a registered office address in Brighton & Hove, Sussex. We provide virtual office address services and mail forwarding for all types of clients. For example, it can be hugely beneficial to sales at internet based businesses to have a registered office address listed on their website. Customers again feel reassured in the fact that the company they wish to purchase from has an official address, and although you may just be running the show out of you home, they need never know! We can also host meetings in our conference room if you ever need a space to host an important client.

Virtual offices like CSnotepad can provide real solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds through our virtual receptionist and virtual address services. Give yourself some peace of mind when it comes to post and telephone administration tasks by getting in touch with us today!

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Outsourcing to grow your business by CSnotepad virtual receptionists of Brighton & Hove, Sussex

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

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Most people go into business desiring success and better balance in their lives. But when starting a new business, juggling the demands of business and personal obligations can sometimes just be exhausting.

The thought of hiring and managing people may make you weak in the knees, but building a workforce isn’t the only option. Consider outsourcing your needs to a specialised group or individual. That way you can hire as needed without having to worry about hiring, firing, payroll taxes, etc. Getting over the do-it-yourself syndrome by delegating to others will also reveal a higher level of potential for you and your company.

Virtual receptionists are among the options available for outsourced help and are importantly listed first by Receptionists are your customers’ first point of contact within your company and are of course vital. You can hire a firm like CSnotepad, where friendly, professional, competent and individually personalised receptionists will answer your company calls from our Brighton & Hove, Sussex based offices. This can set you apart because:
a. Your company appears larger than the one-person show you may be operating.
b. Your calls are answered by a professional vs. an answering machine.

The hardest part of outsourcing may be giving up the reins on your “baby.” Our virtual receptionist services make delegating to others comfortable as you have complete control over the information we have and give out, and you can also update this as often as you like. Many entrepreneurs also find that if they make a list of all of their tasks, they will find that of those items it is answering their business line that they find least enjoyable but that also takes up the majority of their time! A virtual receptionist will free up your much needed time to do more important and gratifying tasks that will help you to grow your business.

You don’t need to be a hero by showing that you can do it all. You may just find, like so many of us, that outsourcing enables you to focus on what you do best and grow your business and income. By delegating day-to-day tasks such as telephone answering, you can run your business and maintain your personal life. Outsourcing to a virtual receptionist will also continue to provide you with more flexibility as your company grows.

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CSnotepad telephone answering service of Brighton & Hove, Sussex shares: Four selling essentials every startup should know

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

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So you have developed a great new product and invested thousands of hours of work. Now comes the tough part, selling your product. Many startup entrepreneurs don’t have a sales team to rely on, resulting in dismal sales. However this does not have to be the outcome for your venture.

One of the core truths about sales that new businesses need to understand is that the act of selling is not really about pushing products on people but more about solving a problem. The process of sales is about helping prospects; you are trying to improve your customers’ current condition.

Consider these 4 tips for selling:

1. Alter your thought process: As stated above, you need to pivot your thought process from how to close a deal to what problem you are trying to solve. Before listing off a product’s features, you should find out from the prospect what pain points they have. By asking questions you connect your product to the needs of your customer.

2. Always look to add value: Don’t think that once a customer hands over cash for your product, the selling process is complete. Do not miss an opportunity by stopping contact with the customer once the deal is done. Check in with your clients regularly and look for ways to keep supporting them, listen to their evolving needs and be ready to answer questions before problems arise.

3. Empathise with your prospects: Prospects get called by sales people all the time, and they can tell the difference between a sincere problem solver and an impatient sales person who doesn’t really care about their problems. Be part of the former group, listen to your prospect and address their problems. The better you listen to what they need and not what you want to sell, the better the sales relationship will be.

4. Deliver an appropriate solution: Prospects know when someone is just trying to sell them something, regardless if it is the right fit or not. Don’t be that person. Instead, provide a solution based on their unique circumstances.

Furthermore, startups are often motivated by a sense of idealism. You’re trying to do something better, faster or more efficiently. You’re looking to create and innovate. You’re bringing something into the world that hasn’t been done before. Bring this spirit and passion into your sales conversations with customers.

None of these selling points involve having a huge sales team to rely on. However they do advocate that sales for startups come from excellent customer service and from communication. Now often an entrepreneur will not have time to spend on the telephone answering customer questions. However it is important that someone is there. And that is where the modern marvel of the virtual receptionist comes in.

Virtual receptionists provide telephone answering solutions to businesses of all kinds and are expertly trained in customer service and telephone behaviour. Based on the company information that you provide us, we can answer your clients’ questions and even take orders as required. Even if we cannot answer your customers’ questions, they are reassured by the fact that they have spoken with a real human being rather than an answer machine or email, safe in the knowledge that the person who can help them will call them back when they are able to.

Take your customer service to the next level and ensure sales by truly solving your customers’ problems. Hire a professional, trustworthy and friendly virtual receptionist from our Brighton & Hove, Sussex, telephone answering office to help you along the way.

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CSnotepad call answering service of Brighton & Hove, Sussex shares: ‘Look like a multimillion pound brand: 5 ways to look like you make a lot of money without spending a lot’

Friday, October 4th, 2013

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Entrepreneur Magazine has been writing publications about entrepreneurialism, small business management, and business opportunities since 1979. In 1997, the magazine launched its website,, which now receives more than six million unique visitors each month. With this huge following they seek to inspire, inform and celebrate entrepreneurs, offering real solutions to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, including tips, tools and insider news to help build and grow your business.

We want to share an article from them that highlights the importance of standing out from the crowd. In today’s cluttered, hypercompetitive marketplace you know your business can’t afford to make a poor first impression. Every point of contact that leads to your company needs to impress, motivate and inspire a prospective customer. You may have a great product or service, but to be taken seriously, clients need to believe that you’re on the same playing field as the bigger guys. Even if you work from a home office, you’ll need to position your company as a polished brand that touts confidence, experience and quality.

Gerber (2009) advises that there are five simple focal points for branding your business to create the illusion that it is a global corporation with an army at the ready, all without breaking the bank. These are your website, business cards, vanity numbers, automated phone systems and virtual offices. This is an expert recommendation to consider the benefits of virtual offices, and importantly relates to our virtual receptionist and call answering services at CSnotepad. Even though you might be answering a call on your mobile phone from your living room, it is important that your customers believe they are calling the front desk of your company headquarters. Call answering services can provide an effective solution for businesses that conduct most of their day-to-day communications via telephone calls and emails, and rarely need to host their clients on-location.

For a nominal fee a virtual office like ours can offer businesses a registered office postal address in Brighton & Hove, Sussex including mail receiving and forwarding services. It is our call answering services where companies stand to gain the most however. We provide friendly and professional call answering solutions to businesses across all sectors. This includes message taking, call forwarding, order taking and diary management. The key here is that hiring a virtual receptionist presents the illusion to all of your clients that your company is a lot larger than it is. It also frees up valuable time for you to concentrate on expanding your business without worrying about your calls. With a virtual receptionist at CSnotepad you will feel as though you have someone you know and trust answering your business line, who is equipped with as much company specific information as you think necessary for them to pass on to your clients. It is a wise choice for an entrepreneur to make, take it from the experts!

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