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Thursday, September 5th, 2013

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So you have taken the plunge and made the decision to take the entrepreneurial journey. You may be in the serious final stages of considering starting-up, in which case it is crucial to reflect on your ‘Important Others’. Or you may be well and truly on the path and so the most important topic is how to sustain yourself. Dom Moorhouse is a well-established business advisor, author and entrepreneur. He stresses the importance of balancing all aspects of your life so that your business life does not become all-encompassing, as well as sustaining your entrepreneurial journey by caring for yourself directly and the culture you put in place in your company.

Moorhouse suggests a number of things that entrepreneurs should do to maintain themselves on their business journey. Keeping in good check physically is paramount as the fitter we are, the more energy we have, the sharper we are at making decisions, the more productive we are and the better we feel generally. The same goes for having a healthy and balanced diet. It is also hugely beneficial to take your holidays! Do not get caught up in the macho culture that infers time down is for wimps. It is crucial to stop ‘the business can’t last a second without me’ vibe – which is often delusional or, at best, a result of poor organisation. Furthermore, take an interest in your own professional development by reading and joining relevant professional organisations.

Sustainability is also about setting the right tone within your business for others. As the leader you have the chance to culture set from the top; to inject humour, schedule shared moments and avoid macho culture. Making sure you have external ‘critical friends’ is also important for reflecting on sustainable practices. Basically business owners are inevitably driven folk … you want to delight your clients, you want to help your colleagues to grow, you want to improve the numbers, overcome the latest obstacle … and you know that no one else is going to do this for you. There can often be no natural break-point in such a stream of consciousness. Moorhouse warns that ‘those closest can suffer from a busy person’s thousand acts of omission.’ Thus he stresses the importance of having an ‘off-button’ and making sure you give due consideration to what boundaries should be set so that the bigger picture in regards to those ‘Important Others’ is never lost.

Thus all business owners understand the importance of hard work, determination and perseverance. However many may find that on their entrepreneurial path to success that they lose some important things along the way. A great way to ensure you keep balance in your life whilst keeping peace of mind that your business does not become neglected is to hire a CSnotepad virtual receptionist. You can tailor your virtual receptionist requirements to your company’s individual needs; e.g. telephone answering, message taking, call forwarding, outbound call handling, order taking and diary management, all from our Brighton & Hove, Sussex based offices. Crucially you need never worry again that your business line will go unanswered. If you find it difficult to leave work behind when at home or always have work on the brain, a CSnotepad telephone answering service could be the perfect solution to ease that workaholic mind.

Moreover a virtual receptionist can provide valuable telephone answering solutions to entrepreneurs who find they simply need to free up more time for themselves, colleagues, friends and family in their hectic schedules. It is more sustainable in the long term and will help you retain a grounded perspective on your business and life in general.

Interested in using our telephone answering service? Click here.

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