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Should you outsource customer service to CSnotepad telephone answering service of Brighton & Hove, Sussex?

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

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Outsourcing your customer service function will help you develop a more customer focused approach and help deal with peak call volumes. However you do not want it to feel as though you are sending the heart of your business away. There will always be the lingering question of, how can they provide a better service to your customers than you can?

It is important to remember that if you are going to outsource a service or support function, it must allow you to improve that function. As virtual receptionists we are experts within our own field, which is customer service and telephone answering techniques. Therefore we know that customer service is a company function that we advance for others.

However new clients may wonder; how can I lead them if I cannot see them? Once you have chosen to outsource calls to virtual receptionists you now have to manage, monitor and improve a function that you do not fully control. This is where we work hand in hand with our client companies to build a relationship where both parties feel in control and which can continually be built on for lasting success.

We know that the stronger the relationship is between us and our clients, the higher the chance of everyone getting the most out of it. Remember, though, strong, long-term relationships are rarely created between two businesses, but between a few key individuals within them. At CSnotepad you get your own dedicated account manager, as well as a team of virtual receptionists (who do not work in a call centre!), who you can trust as much as you would yourself or your own staff to answer your calls.

Therefore you can stop thinking of virtual receptionists as a separate organisation, and instead as a different arm of the same company. This will maximise the relationship and means we can quickly solve issues or work towards new benefits. We encourage regular communication and updates from our clients. If you are communicating internally e.g. you know that your other departments need to know something, the chances are the outsourcer does too. For example we can update your personal telephone answering script to reflect your diary e.g. so we can tell customers when you are in a meeting, with clients, stock checking, out of office or on holiday, and thus effectively manage their expectations. Equally we can update changes in any of your products, services, staff or VIP customers.

Obviously in the old days, managers would always be able to see their staff and instruct and lead them face to face. However telecommunications is the new way to interact and lead, especially in our increasingly globalised world. Do not think of your virtual receptionists as a nameless and faceless entity but rather as an extension of your workforce based in a remote location.

Thus outsourcing customer service by diverting some of your calls to virtual receptionists can be extremely beneficial as long as both partner companies communicate effectively. For it to work for your customers, and for you to truly have a customer focused approach in place, your consumers need us both working together.

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10 reasons why you need CSnotepad virtual receptionists of Brighton & Hove, Sussex for your business

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

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• CSnotepad Virtual receptionists offer great flexibility as they are available outside of your normal working hours, when you’re short staffed, or on those days when you have an important meeting to attend and simply can’t answer the telephone.

• You are able to use the same highly skilled CSnotepad virtual receptionists every time you outsource work, meaning you do not have to worry about who will be handling your calls when you are not reachable by telephone. That important call-back will not be missed, and neither will questions from a potential new customer.

• Your CSnotepad virtual receptionists will work closely with you to achieve seamless perfection in all calls and emails, ensuring scripts are kept up to date with the correct information always given to callers.

• CSnotepad Virtual receptionists are a great method for streamlining your organisation. Virtual receptionists optimise your profits and time. They can perform at the same level as a staff member and will eliminate hiring, paying and everything else that comes with a usual employee!

• CSnotepad Virtual receptionists have a vested interest in the success of your business, so client confidentiality is paramount and they will treat your business as their own.

• CSnotepad Virtual receptionists work from their own offices so you won’t have to organise workspace or equipment for them.

• Because CSnotepad virtual receptionists have been well-trained and well-informed about your specific business needs, they are able to handle customers comfortably and efficiently.

• There are several other jobs that CSnotepad virtual receptionists can perform to save you time and money, e.g. they can manage voicemails, place orders over the phone, arrange customer call backs, etc.

• In many cases, CSnotepad virtual receptionists gives the first impression to callers about your business. Every call is a very important part of your business which CSnotepad virtual receptionists know, hence why they answer all calls positively and professionally.

• No need for you to hire and train staff. Hiring a new employee can be incredibly time consuming, and often, it takes several tries to find the perfect employee. With CSnotepad virtual receptionists, business operators can enjoy a smooth transition and the services of highly-experienced individuals, without the need for recruiting and training.

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Calming the difficult telephone customer by CSnotepad call answering service of Brighton & Hove, Sussex

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

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Everyone has days at work where they feel overwhelmed and stressed. However one bad telephone call with an emotional customer risks losing a valuable account. While instinctively, every business owner knows the importance of protecting the relationship with a customer, it is very difficult being warm and friendly to a customer who is rude and threatening. Outsourcing calls to a virtual receptionist means that you can divert calls to a friendly and professional telephone answering agent trained in all call handling solutions. For example we always follow these seven solid steps intuitively to help calm even the most cantankerous caller:

1. Behave professionally. Never take insults personally as it is unlikely to be the receptionist with whom the customer is angry. It is critical that you separate yourself from the customer’s emotionalism and focus on resolving the issue. More often than not the agent’s attitude has more impact on the customer than fixing the problem. This fact is often overlooked. Align with the customer by acknowledging the problem or the inconvenience caused by it rather than defending yourself or ignoring them completely. When the caller hears that you are apologetic, it is difficult for the person to continue in the same offensive manner. If you are warm and sincere in your acknowledgment statement the customer will become receptive to solving the problem in a reasonable fashion.

2. Just listen. Do not interrupt or rush the caller. While it is important to resolve the customer’s problem quickly, they will want to tell their whole story and it is the receptionist’s job to just listen until they are finished. No one likes being cut off with questions and customers are likely to take longer repeating things if they feel you are being impatient or not listening attentively.

3. Show understanding. The best way to demonstrate understanding is by acknowledging or apologising. The word “ok” is not an acknowledgment. Any acknowledgment should not be followed with “but” or “however.” It undoes what was just said. Repeat clearly your understanding of what the customer has said. This eliminates their need to be unreasonable and focuses them on a resolution.

4. Ask questions. Customers appreciate it when the telephone answering agent continues to clarify the situation. It keeps the conversation on the right track and moves it forward. Always take notes while the customer is talking to avoid missing information and remember to say “please” and “thank you” for any information being solicited.

5. Verify information. Before suggesting a solution summarise what has been said in short and concise sentences so the customer can conclude that you have been listening and fully understand the problem. Even if you have missed information the customer will be able to correct you and will realise you are making every attempt to be thorough.

6. Fix the problem. When offering a solution, tone of voice and positive, proactive language is important. People only want to hear what you can do for them, not what you can’t. Invariably there are things that the receptionist cannot solve. However they are likely to know how the client deals with certain situations and customer complaints. Therefore our job here is to calm the customer down, assure them that the issue will be resolved whilst managing their expectations. If the customer makes unreasonable demands or if an immediate remedy isn’t possible, the telephone answering agent should rephrase and repeat the solution as positively as possible and again apologise for any inconvenience. If the call handler remains calm and demonstrates sincerity, the message will eventually be accepted. Customers know not every problem can be fixed instantly or to their benefit. With a caller who continues to remain dissatisfied, it is a good idea to ask what can be done to make the customer happy. Often, it is something minimal. In the end, most customers are reasonable people.

7. Thank the customer and finish the conversation without rushing. People feel valued and appreciated when you thank them for their business and ask if there is anything else you can do for them. Telephone answering agents should always end the conversation when the customer initiates closure but not before.

The success of any business depends on effectively dealing with upset customers. When customers feel in times of distress that they have been treated with the utmost respect, they remain loyal and recommend the company to others. Paying attention to these seven suggestions is the key and you are guaranteed CSnotepad virtual receptionists of Brighton & Hove, Sussex will adhere to them.

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‘Hey, let’s move this along’: how to manage calls efficiently by CSnotepad telephone answering service of Brighton & Hove, Sussex

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

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Have you ever wanted to say to a caller, “Hey, let’s move this along?” Sometimes, it seems like our customers will never end the call. If there are calls queuing, long winded customers can make our lives very stressful. To manage calls more efficiently there are a few simple steps to follow.

You must be fully present on the call from the moment you respond. Customers will quickly sense if you are not paying attention or appear anxious to get off the call. They want to feel valued, and they need to feel they can trust you before they can move forward to resolution.

Do not try to rush information out of customers or immediately interrupt them e.g. by asking for account numbers or product codes. If you explain the reason why you need this information, they are less likely to be annoyed and more likely to cooperate. For example, you might say, “I am sorry to interrupt, but may I have your account number? That way I can resolve your issue more quickly.” Taking time to explain this is guaranteed to save you time on the whole call.
Customers need to feel you get their issue. If they don’t feel you are listening attentively, they will repeat their information again and again and delay you from completing the call. You can demonstrate that you are listening by acknowledging the customers’ problems as you hear them. A specific acknowledgment statement advances the call. It shows you really understand the entire problem and the inconvenience it is causing. “OK” is not a good acknowledgment, and it doesn’t demonstrate you understand. Without understanding, calls stagnate. As your customers see that you understand, they begin to trust you and feel comfortable moving forward with the call.

Always summarise slowly the plan of action in short concise statements. The more you pause between your statements, the more your listeners will absorb. If you speak quickly, customers will miss some of your points, and invariably, they will ask you to repeat. Customers will also have the chance to correct you if you have left anything out and even if you have overlooked some points, they will see that you are trying to be accurate. To end your call, start using the listener’s name and start speaking in the past tense.

Managing a call efficiently means more than just getting the caller off the line. It means protecting the relationship by showing callers you value their business and are listening. Every CSnotepad telephone answering agent will utilise these steps naturally and without thinking.

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