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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

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The telephone quite simply is the essential business tool. At the touch of a finger, it can give you immediate access to any one of a billion other telephone users such as customers, clients, suppliers and business partners anywhere on the globe. Despite the vast power that’s quite literally waiting at our fingertips, few of us fully exploit the potential of the phone.

Many are still feeling the pinch from the recession; seeing orders slow down and cutting back on spending. However others are taking advantage of opportunities and they are arising ahead of their competitors. Taking a more creative approach in tough times allows people to survive and grow stronger. Identifying those opportunities means staying in touch with customers, talking to them, finding out what’s happening with them and reminding them that you are interested. Talking to your customers will get you more business.

Talking to customers means getting on the phones, making calls and being around to listen when they call you. However dealing with people on the telephone requires a different set of interpersonal skills than if talking face-to-face. If compensations and allowances are not made, the caller can be made to feel unwanted and a nuisance. The key to winning business by telephone is to harness the powers of telephone behaviour.

Building rapport with customers is essential. Rapport works on the natural and automatic principle that people feel comfortable with others that they judge are like themselves. This usually happens at an unconscious level. When we are with people with whom we feel comfortable we often find ourselves naturally and automatically imitating some aspects of the way that they behave or speak.

Over the telephone the senses become so concentrated around the voice and the chosen words that rapid, unconscious judgements are made about the other person based on how they speak. Effective sales professionals will often deliberately match the way that their customers speak in some way, increasing the feeling of comfort, or trust. The matching does not have to be exact; any shift, which brings you closer to them, will help to subliminally convey “I am like you”.

Building rapport is important for keeping customers engaged with you and your business. It is crucial to be friendly and professional and to transmit to the customer a feeling of interest and attentiveness. However it is also crucial that you control the conversation and guide the direction of each call. There is always specific information that you will need to obtain and it is often necessary to report and record this with great speed and efficiency, especially during busy times. You want to make sure that you get the message, whilst offering help and useful information, but must also always be aware of your timescale as you do not want to miss the next all important customer call.

This may all seem like a lot to take in. Who would have thought that there was so much to think about when making and taking telephone calls! But when it comes to winning business, telephone behaviour is the difference between succeeding and failing to capture a customer. Large companies will often pump huge amounts of money into training courses designed to develop the telephone skills their staff will need to engage clients and gain sales commitments. Developing telephone conduct also involves handling customer complaints appropriately and managing their expectations as well as dealing with cold callers with confidence.

Now if you are a business owner who is reading this and thinking that your strengths lie elsewhere, you should consider following the growing trend of companies that choose to outsource some of their telephone business. As this article shows there is a lot to think about when conducting business over the telephone. Therefore it makes perfect sense to outsource calls to a company whose primary business is providing call management solutions. CSnotepad virtual receptionists of Brighton & Hove, Sussex are highly skilled telephone agents who can help win you business by harnessing these powers of telephone behaviour and ensuring that someone highly trained in telephone protocol is always on hand to answer customer calls.

Interested in using our virtual receptionist service? Click here.

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