So what does a CSnotepad virtual receptionist of Brighton & Hove, Sussex actually do (part 1, a typical day)?

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

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You may hear associated buzz words such as ‘call answering’, ‘telephone answering’, ‘message taking’, ‘call forwarding’, ‘order taking’ and ‘diary management’. CSnotepad virtual receptionists are highly skilled telephone agents, and these roles are crucial but do not reveal much about our mysterious business.

A typical day for a CSnotepad virtual receptionist is a lot of fun if you approach it with the right mind set. Our client base varies hugely so we are constantly navigating between calls. One call could involve helping a lovely old lady with her cat queries, the next answering technical questions on alarm systems and the next taking an order for gardening equipment. Sometimes callers are angry and frustrated, but more often than not they are happy, friendly and grateful.

The beauty of our job is we gain insight into business activity across all sectors, and get to speak to a huge variety of people. We love our job and getting to know our client’s business, so if you need help managing your calls then look no further than a friendly and professional virtual receptionist at CSnotepad.

Interested in using our virtual receptionist service? Click here.

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