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Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

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If you are running a business you no doubt find that your mobile phone is indispensable on a day to day basis. It is your point of contact with your clients and also with your colleagues whilst you are out of the office. With email playing an increasingly vital role in both initial customer enquiries as well as in regular correspondence, being able to pick up emails on your mobile whilst you are on the go can be vital. There will be times however when you are not able to use your mobile. What if you lose power? What if your business or personal life demands you be on the road? Or what if your business or personal life takes you abroad? The prospect of a mobile phone bill after making and receiving calls abroad can be a daunting one.

Nokia have proposed that by 2015 some 4bn people, well over half the world’s predicted population of 7.2bn will have a mobile phone. This compares with 1.3bn now. The Guardian recently produced an article questioning whether the ‘death of the telephone’ is imminent due to the modern reliance on mobiles, texting and email. The article brings into question how much longer the land line will exist, with BT hiking charges and people ever increasingly reluctant to answer a call when they cannot see who it is that is calling them. With the use of a mobile it is much easier to choose just how accessible or inaccessible you make yourself. You often can see exactly who is trying to reach you as the phone starts to ring and have the option of that ‘Ignore’ button on your screen. You can silence the ring and let it go to voicemail to put off dealing with a person or an issue. The way in which we are able to use telephones has changed but the telephone in itself is far from being extinct and remains a vital business tool.

As a business owner you may find that answering calls from your customers can be a time consuming task that your busy schedule does not always allow for. You may find that you are missing calls whilst on the road or abroad which are potentially losing you business. No customers will be satisfied with calling you only to hear an endlessly ringing phone or an automated voicemail. An email is certainly not always enough. A personalised call answering service from CSnotepad of Brighton & Hove, Sussex can ensure that however busy your schedule, your customers will never be neglected. You can choose a plan to suit your needs based on how many calls you expect to receive per month and this can be adapted as your business changes and grows. Your virtual receptionist will answer as your own staff would and your customers will notice no change in the service they receive. Your messages can then be sent directly to you, in email format, text format or both as would best befit your individual needs.

The role of the telephone is ever changing but it is certainly not diminishing and remains a vital point of contact for any business. If a potential customer calls you for the first time and gets no answer or an automated voice they are likely to immediately consider taking their business elsewhere. If you find that you are not always available to answer the phone, enlisting the help of a call answering service will mean that your potential new customer’s calls are answered promptly and efficiently.

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