Minding your Manners – with a Virtual Receptionist.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

The National Campaign for Courtesy is advising people on mobile phones to be courteous in public places. They have issued a courtesy code which includes advice such as speaking quietly when on a mobile in public places and switching off the sound when playing games.

National Chairman of the Campaign for Courtesy, Peter Foot, commented:

“When you’re out and about in places such as theatres, restaurants, trains and tubes, libraries and art galleries it’s important to respect others when using mobile phones.

It is easy enough to do if we follow a few simple rules and, not only shows good manners, but also makes situations more comfortable and pleasant for our fellow citizens.”

Of course, the experts in modern manners are Debretts, publishers of the famous Debrett’s Peerage and Baronetage and numerous etiquette guides. Here are some of their tips for modern mobile phone manners:

• Ringtones. What does your ringtone say about you? Can you live with it? If your ringtone ever embarrasses you in certain situations then it’s the wrong one. Change it.

• Volume. If heads turn when your phone rings it’s too loud. Turn it down, or switch it to vibrate. Your mobile phone isn’t a megaphone, so don’t shout into it.

• Don’t disturb others with your mobile phone conversations. Intimate conversations are never appropriate in front of other people. Respect other people’s privacy, and your own.

• Don’t use bad language or talk about money or bodily functions in public and never call anyone from a inappropriate location such as a bathroom.

• People deserve more attention than gadgets. Turn off your phone in social situations whenever possible. Don’t leave your phone on the dining table during meals and switch it off or turn it to silent in theatres or cinemas.

• It is the height of bad manners to have a mobile phone conversation in front of your friends.

• Remember above all that you are not joined at the hip to this useful device.

Why not switch off your mobile phone when you’re in company and let a virtual receptionist from CSnotepad handle your calls?

Our highly trained receptionists have impeccable manners and will ensure that none of your important business calls are ever missed.

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