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Why a CS Notepad Virtual Address is Better than a PO Box

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

This year the annual cost of renting a PO Box from the Royal Mail increased to £170, up from £95 the previous year. This latest price increase is equivalent to around a 170 % increase over two years.

PO Boxes are relied on by many home based businesses and sole traders to keep business and personal correspondence separate, as well as those who wish to keep their home address private. Another reason that separate correspondence addresses are popular is security. If you are away from home a lot it’s safer and more secure to have your mail delivered to a virtual office.

The advantages of using a CSnotepad virtual address service instead of a PO Box are many. If you are local to Brighton it is possible to collect your mail, just like you do with a PO Box. PO Boxes are linked to your street address, and so if you move, your Box is cancelled and you have to apply for a new one in the new postal area. This isn’t an issue with a virtual address. In addition, and contrary to popular belief, PO Boxes aren’t fully private, as the address of the Box holder is held on a public database.

PO Boxes won’t accept mail from other carriers or couriers. With a CSnotepad Virtual Address it is possible to receive parcels which can be collected by you or forwarded to you by a courier service.

Finally, with a Limited Company plan from CSnotepad it is possible use your virtual address service as your registered office address at Companies House by registering the address with Companies House as an office address at which you can be served official papers. 

CSnotepad also offer a ‘Prestigious Address’ service which allows you to have your company registered at an address in either London’s media hub Soho Square, the prestigious West End or modern business hub Canary Wharf.

To find out more about CSnotepad’s Virtual Address Services, click here.

Let a Virtual Receptionist Provide Your Holiday Cover.

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

A recent survey by recruitment company Experteer showed that the majority of business people go on their holidays equipped with laptop and mobile phone.

When asked about the extent they engage in job-related activities, differences appeared amongst Europeans: Whilst almost 60% of the British, the Spanish, French, Swiss French, and Italians check their work e-mail at least every other day, more Germans do so “only in urgent cases” or “never.” The Dutch prefer clearer separation between work and play: more than one-third never check e-mail whilst on holidays and one-fifth accesses it only when urgent.

Two-thirds of Europe’s leading professionals do not miss work whilst on holidays, with that sentiment strongest amongst the French and the Spanish. And nearly three-quarters of senior UK executives surveyed said they used the first few days of their holidays purely to unwind from the demands of their job, with nearly two thirds admitting that they are not particularly interested in checking in with the office.

More than half of Germans complete their holidays without the stress of finishing important job tasks. This is not the case for other Europeans: almost three-quarters of French senior-level professionals must do so and almost half the British.

Another survey of 1,000 London professionals by Origin Storage showed that a staggering 41% of them planned to take a mobile phone on holiday so that they could keep in touch with the office.

If you’re planning a holiday from your business, and want to leave the telephone behind, a Virtual Receptionist from CSnotepad could provide a flexible and cost effective alternative to handling your inbound telephone calls yourself. 

How a virtual address can help your business to create the right impression

Monday, August 15th, 2011

In business, appearances matter. First impressions really do count.

Everything from your website to the way your telephone is answered helps to form an impression in the minds of your potential customers. Clients who aren’t convinced that your business is trustworthy or professional at first glance are unlikely to return.

Virtual address services can be the perfect solution, especially for home based or start-up businesses without their own premises.

The main difference between a serviced office and a virtual address is that you don’t actually rent floor or desk space. Instead, you pay a small monthly charge which allows you to make use of a prime location as your business’ address on your website, letterheads, advertising material, business cards, directory listings and more.

Having customers associate your business with a prestigious location can help to increase trust in your brand and significantly increase the chances of an enquiry.

Many businesses find using a virtual address instead of renting of an office to be a cost effective way of helping their business appear to have a larger global presence. With a virtual address you can even obtain a prominent location for your office before you even begin trading as a company.

The mail you receive at a virtual address can be delivered to you or it can be picked up if you live locally. A virtual address service can even open your mail, scan it and e-mail it to you, saving you both time and effort.

Virtual address services are a convenient and affordable option for small businesses who want to give a big impression.

Find out more about CSnotepad’s Virtual Address Services, click here.

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