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Professional front line support for your business, providing you with a reliable team of receptionists who know all about you and your business, on hand to answer any calls just like they were one of your in-house team.

Your team of virtual assistants can assist with…

   Overflow or front line telephone answering
   Appointment setting
   Order taking
   Processing payments
   Helpdesk support

There is little sense having highly skilled, busy staff who are needed to fix problems and deal with complicated issues, being your front of line call answerers without first knowing the reason for the call.

Doing so can leave staff bombarded with non-urgent, time consuming customer calls, leaving them with less time to resolve the important issues that arise.

Our team of virtual assistants provide a complete service that places us at the forefront of your calls, able to deal with every request you receive or on hand to back up your existing team when they are unavailable.

   Complete support for your business.
   Reliable order taking and helpdesk support via your existing web based system.
   Reduce customer wait times and eliminate the risk of dropped calls.
   Enable your staff to concentrate on their most important jobs.
   Instant support on-hand to accommodate any unexpected increase in calls.

All order taking, payment processing and helpdesk support is carried out via your web based platform, just as though we were a member of your in-house team.

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Key features:

   No charge for cold calls, wrong numbers or for you testing your own line.
   Instant call notification as well as a daily summary report via email.
   Small teams of dedicated receptionists for customer familiarity.
   South East based service.
   Call patching and customer VIP list included as standard.
   Flexibility to change your call plans month to month.
   Optional 24/7 service or free out of hours voicemail to email.
   Free 01, 02, 03 or 08 telephone number included with your service.
   No long contracts - stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

”Businesses often contact us asking how our virtual assistant service works… the answer is that we have no set framework which you have to work within and therefore it works however you want it to work. You tell us exactly what it is that you need and that’s exactly what we give you” – Alex Donald (Head of Customer Service)

How the service works...

You select a monthly Telephone Answering or Order Taking call plan that matches the service you require. We guide you through configuration of your telephone setup enabling you to forward your calls to our team of virtual assistants. When your calls forward to our trained team of receptionists we use intelligent systems to identify your customers and your dedicated team of virtual receptionists will answer with your pre-approved greeting. Your virtual assistants can process orders and provide helpdesk support via your web-based systems, patch calls through to you and instantly forward you the details of each call via your preferred method - email or SMS. The end result is seamless. To the caller your virtual assistant is just another member of your in-house team.

Download our information pack and pricelist to find out more…

We cater for both large and small businesses…

Our virtual assistant call plans are designed to support growing businesses and established companies as either front line or overflow support for your in-house team.

If you have a requirement for more than 10,000 calls per month, please call us for a bespoke quote.

Need some help finding the right service for you?

Talk to one of our friendly staff who will gladly help you find the perfect solution for you

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Review Stars Testimonial Just Sienna

Couldn't recommend them any more highly. Fantastic team and wouldn't trust anyone else to support my company more.

Testimonial Matthew Woodall

We have been using the services of CSnotepad now for a number of years. They are such a flexible company that provides a great time saving and cost effective service for our business.

Testimonial Rob Hall

We have been using CSnotepad for a number of years and have always found them professional, responsive and flexible. Their call plans are good value and using them has freed up time to allow us to concentrate on helping callers.

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Testimonial_HayHutchWhen I start a new business, which I do fairly frequently, I get one phone line and immediately
divert all calls straight to CSnotepad. Their staff are courteous, smart and get down the information that matters. The callers
messages are presented in orderly e-mails allowing me to regain control of content and timing. This leaves me free to get on with
my "stuff" and then choose a moment to deal with the calls - all neatly bundled and sorted by the CSnotepad crew. I would not
look anywhere else.

Richard Guy

Testimonial_AlexJordanI needed a company I could trust to handle my business needs and after doing a lot of research,
I found and decided to try CSNotepad. The person I initially spoke to was very helpful; we discussed everything I needed and wanted for my business and came up with a very competitive package that I was (and still am) happy with.

Having now built up a good relationship with them (18+ months), my trust and confidence in their service has only increased. It
was clearly not a honeymoon period as some companies seem to do – CSNotepad have been consistent in providing a great
service throughout. Personally I would and have, recommended them to others based on my experiences. I’m also sure that as my company continues and expands, that my increasing and more demanding needs will be easily met by them.
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