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The Best Telephone Answering Service: We’ve Found Great Staff So You Don’t Have To!

We’ve Found Great Staff So You Don’t Have To

The Best Telephone Answering Service: We’ve Found Great Staff So You Don’t Have To!

If you choose CSnotepad as your telephone answering service, your calls will always be handled by our friendly and professional team who are based in Hove. Unlike large call centres, we’ve selected every member of our workforce carefully, always ensuring that they have the right attributes to offer superior service to your customers.

Each one of our advisors is polite and approachable, and we have no doubt that if you met any member of our team in person, they’d be just the person you’d hire to join your own team.

You’ll have a small number of advisors assigned to your calls so that their knowledge of your business continues to grow. They even get to know your repeat customers and frequent callers, and your callers get to know them too!

We know that some things can’t be trained, and the positive attitude and willingness to offer the best service are natural traits that we seek out in every one of our call agents. For everything else that can be trained we have an experienced call agent solely responsible for ensuring that all members of our team are trained to the standard that we (and you!) expect. Not only does our trainer guide our newest call agents, we also closely monitor our existing team to ensure that the bar is never dropped, maintaining our consistently high customer service results. Check out our Google and Trustpilot reviews for further peace of mind.

Remember – our staff aren’t just trusted to handle your calls, they answer our calls too and we couldn’t be more confident that each and every one of our call is in capable hands.

Feel free to call our team today for an informal chat, there’s no better way to be sure that our team are perfect to become your team – 01273 741400.

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