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Teachers – How to Benefit from the New Confidence in Online Learning


Teachers – How to Benefit from the New Confidence in Online Learning

Opening the Door to Online Learning

The pandemic has opened the doors to a wider audience for teaching and training online across the widest scope of fields and disciplines.

Universities were forced to send all lectures and course material online. Students had no option but to embrace new online teaching methods. With universities still  wary of covid transmission within packed lecture halls, many of the new online channels for learning have remained in place.

Questions are now being raised as to whether universities can continue to justify the high tuition fees they demand.

In an article in The Guardian, Andreas Schleicher, the OECD’s director of education and skills warned, “I don’t think you can ask students to pay £9,000 for just online lessons….if that remains, I think you are going to see a lot of alternative providers; it’s a very interesting competition when it comes to online provision.”

Students now have a new confidence in online learning and this is encouraging them to look to other lower priced education providers. With online learning comes the potential to learn from anywhere in the world, no longer is location a defining factor or barrier.

How Teachers Can Benefit from the New Confidence in Online Learning

If you’re a teacher working primarily through an online platform, make sure you are benefitting from the new confidence in online learning and widening the scope of your marketing to reach students searching for new learning options worldwide.

Offer potential students the option of calling to discuss your teaching services and stand out from your competitors. Online learning doesn’t need to be anonymous, but great service to your students doesn’t need to dominate your days. At CSnotepad we can take care of the personal approach while you focus on other the areas of your business that need you. We’re here for your business beyond standard UK business hours, we can answer your calls at any time of day, no matter the time difference. We can make sure your potential students reach a friendly, professional and knowledgable member of our team who will appear as though a member of your own in-house team. You don’t have to be nervous about outsourcing your calls to us, we pride ourselves on never sounding like a call centre. Each of your calls will be answered in just the way you choose, and always with your own personalised greeting. We can deal with enquries, email out information and even book in appointments, zoom chats and skype calls. Think of us like your own receptionist working around the clock to ensure you never miss out on a potential new student, and that every caller receives the information they need and ends the call feeling confident in the service you provide.

For more information about how our friendly team can benefit your business just call us today on 01273 741400.

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