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IT Security Professionals – Learn from Russian Cyber Threats to Predict and Protect

contingencies to protect your business

IT Security Professionals – Learn from Russian Cyber Threats to Predict and Protect

contingencies in place to protect your business

Relying on IT Security Professionals to protect businesses from online downtime

As an armed conflict continues between Russia and Ukraine, Andy Barratt Coalfire UK managing director warns that a second line of warfare is likely – the cyber attack.

Any cyber attack on the West in response to co-ordinated support of Ukraine is unlikely to directly threaten the average business or organisation, but in the long term it could form the fingerprint for future attacks.

IT security experts should pay particular attention to how things unfold, state backed hackers offer a glimpse into the most up-to-date capabilities of cyber tactics.

These tactics will be watched intently by cyber criminals who will learn and emulate, making any business a possible target in the future.

Barratt said in an article for, “If you treat cyber criminals as a functioning business, their observation of national state activity massively enhances their own research into new attack techniques…… [and] once they have a workable mass exploit, they’ll use it on whoever they can.”

IT Security Professionals will have a key role, and be relied upon heavily in the coming months. They must watch intently, and stay current in their field if they’re to stay one-step-ahead of future threats to businesses.

Relying on CSnotepad to protect your business from telephone downtime

With CSnotepad you can benefit from the contingencies we have in place to protect your business from telephone disruption. We invest heavily in protecting your business, and you should take comfort in knowing that by choosing us (over other providers or keeping your calls in-house) that you’re far better shielded from phone related disruption.

The contingencies we have in place enable us to act should there be an issue with a telephone exchange or mobile provider – problems that other providers might just wash-their-hands of! For example; if there’s a problem at the telephone exchange we can overcome this by changing how you divert your calls to us. If there’s a problem with your actual telephone number, we can give you an alternative number until the problem is resolved.

Although it may often feel challenging to protect your business from the unexpected, know that the choices you make now can minimise downtime for your business when it comes to phone disruption.

To learn more about how we can protect your business from phone related downtime, just chat to a member of our team today on 01273 741400.

To find out more about our Telephone Answering Service, head over to our website.

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