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Customer ID verification

All virtual address and mailbox providers are bound by strict Anti Money-Laundering and Counter Terror Funding laws and must comply with the legal requirements set down by HMRC.

The documents you will need to provide (either as scans or photographsmust include at least one form of photo ID and proof of address.

Please remember that we don’t make these rules so please don’t get cross if we ask you for a better image or more documents.

Photo ID

Photographic proof of identity is required for each company shareholder or named person on the account.

Acceptable proof of identity:

The Government publish a much more comprehensive list of allowable ID documents in their Proof of Identity Checklist.

Proof of address

In order to comply with HMRC’s anti-money laundering regulations we are required to hold proof of address for each named person on the account,
including any persons of significant control (PSC’s), irrespective of how your mail is handled.

Please note that we are unable to accept credit card statements or mobile phone statements/bills as proof of address.

Acceptable proof of address: Any documents submitted should
be less than 3 months old, and must show the Account Holder’s name.

Again, you may want to look through the Government’s published Proof of Identity Checklist.

Image standards

A guide to submitted documents

Images, whether scans or photographs, should follow these four simple guidelines.


The image must be in colour.


The whole of the document must be shown within the image… it must not be cropped, cut-off or obscured, even at the edges.


The image must be clear and in focus, with no marks or reflections that prevent any part of the document from being read (it may help to turn off the flash on your phone!)


The document should be as ‘square on’ to the camera as possible and not photographed at an angle.

Including a 'selfie'

In the event that your submitted documents don’t meet the minimum ID Verification criteria, our Compliance team will contact you with advice and a request for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

£24.99 a month if you pay monthly or £210 for the year (equivalent to just £17.50 a month) if you pay annually in advance.

No, we only provide a virtual office address service from our head office, which is based in Brighton.

The minimum contract term is 3 months.

Yes you can, our office address is a real UK street address recognised by Google, Bing etc.

Yes you can change how you have your post forwarded on to you at any time.

Please look at our ‘ID verification’ section above for full details.

If for any reason you stop your service or stop paying for your service but have post remaining at the office, we must pay to have it securely destroyed at a cost of £30, therefore we hold a security deposit for this amount on your account whilst it remains active. When you stop your service with us your deposit is refunded in full.

CSnotepad has been providing telephone answering and virtual address services to customers since 2007.

Your Company Name Ltd
      Gemini House (the use of ‘Gemini House’ is optional)
      136-140 Old Shoreham Road
      BN3 7BD

Yes we can, you simply need to let us know that you’d like us to do this when you sign up for the address service.

Apart from the obvious, we also ask that no large parcels are delivered without prior notice. We typically define large parcels as anything over 50cm (H) x 50cm (W) x 50cm (D).

Yes you can, we also accept individuals, sole traders, charities, religions and political parties.

No you don’t, but if we deem your account to be high risk then as part of our HMRC anti-money laundering checks, we reserve the right not to approve a customers’ address service and instead issue them with a full refund.

We will politely let them know that you aren’t in the office today, take a note of their contact details and notify you that they popped in.

All our business packages allow up to three names per account.

You can purchase additional mailing names at £4 each per month.

You will receive an official welcome email once we have received your payment and completed the setup of your service. Complete setup of your service can take from 4-8 working hours. If you would like an update you can contact your CSnotepad team on

Yes, once you have signed up you can use our address immediately, however we will not be able to release any post until we have received your ID and proof of address documents, along with payment for your service.

Gemini House
136-140 Old Shoreham Road

Our address is a genuine UK office address, not a PO Box.

Yes we accept small parcels.

Yes we will happily sign for your post.

Yes, just let us know that you are going away and we will store your post for you until you return.

Yes you can use your virtual address as your registered office address with Companies House at no additional cost.

Post is forwarded daily as standard, however it can be grouped and sent weekly or even monthly if needed.

Yes, all email attachments are securely encrypted and require a dedicated password that’s unique to you in order to open them.

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