Why employing extra staff
isn’t the answer…

There are several reasons why you might want a bigger workforce; the obvious reason is that your business is growing and you want to ensure that you meet the demands of your customers.

Growing your workforce isn’t easy, firstly there’s the obvious cost implications, can your business really support several new salaries? What about space, will you need to move into a larger office with a higher rent each month, will it require more desks, more computers? Then there’s the time implications; can your business spare the time required to advertise for, interview and train new staff?

Let our staff become your staff, let us do the hiring and training, let us worry about the space and the equipment and let us ensure that they’re always there to support you and your business when you need them… seamlessly acting as members of your own in-house team.

With a virtual receptionist service such as CSnotepad, you can reap the rewards of having a team of trained call agents’ ready and waiting to take your customer calls, your general enquiries, even processing your orders and managing your diary, ensuring that each call is answered and dealt with in a manner that perfectly reflects your business image and way of working.

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