Automatic Caller Recognition…

We are continually committed to finding innovative ways to improve our service and have now added Automatic Caller Recognition as standard to all of our services.

... Automatic Caller Recognition is where our systems will recognise if someone has called before and retrieve all of their contact information from the last time they called.

Just some of the advantages of this being applied to your service are:

  •  Frequent callers can be greeted with the same familiarity they would be
      by your own in-house staff.

  •  If a caller has phoned before they will not have to provide their name,
      company name and email address each time they call.

  •  Rather than the caller having to provide their contact details, we can
      simply ask them to confirm that the details we already have for them are

This continues to be the best addition we have ever made to the service and truly enhances your callers’ experience and belief that we really are part of your in-house workforce.

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