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Question What are your hours of service?
Answer Our core hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am - 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm, however you can have your calls answered 24/7 at no extra cost.

Question How do you answer my telephone calls?
Answer We answer your calls exactly as a member of your own in-house staff would, in your company name and with a greeting according to your preference.

Question Who answers my calls?
Answer Each account is looked after by a dedicated team who are trained on your account, familiar with your business and who get to know your customers. Each team consists of 4 experienced receptionists who are first in line for your calls. If all 4 of your team happen to be busy on calls when one comes in, it will immediately overflow to a free receptionist on another team. Your caller will never be kept waiting.

Question How do you differentiate my calls from others?
Answer We provide you with a unique telephone number when you register, which you divert your calls to. Our system recognises calls coming in on this number and your account information pops up on your receptionist's screen.

Question How do you notify me of my calls?
Answer We can either e-mail you, text you or transfer the call through to you (call patching). It's entirely up to you.

Question Do I get charged for every single telephone call?
Answer No. We do not charge you for wrong numbers, telephone calls that we can ascertain are sales cold calls or for you testing your own line.

Question What if my business doesn’t have a phone number yet?
Answer We can provide you with a telephone number to use as your own. You can decide which type of number will be best for you, we have a huge selection from freephone 0800 numbers, to specific area codes.


Question How long will it take to set up my account?
Answer Providing there are no unexpected delays we will have your account setup within 48 hours. If you require order taking or support ticket logging, we will have your account setup within 72 hours.

Question Why don’t you offer an instant set up?
Answer For the same reason that you wouldn’t choose to hire a member of staff at 9am and have them on the phones at 9:02am, they wouldn’t know enough about who you are, what you do or how you do it. In short, we take your business seriously.

Question Do I have to have all my calls diverted to you?
Answer No you don’t. You are able to have the service set up in many different ways. 1. All the calls can come directly to you on your landline or mobile and only divert to us if you are unavailable. 2. All the calls can come straight through to us all of the time or 3. You can switch between options 1 and 2 as and when you are in or out the office.

Diverting Calls:

Question How do I divert my telephone calls to you?
Answer You can divert your calls to us simply by activating call diversion from the keypad on your telephone. We will go through diverting your calls to us step by step.

Question Can I divert multiple lines to you (landline and mobile)?
Answer Yes, you can divert any type of line to us or multiple lines at the same time.

Question Can I divert telephone calls from multiple branch offices?
Answer Yes you can, and as long as you’re happy for all of the calls to be answered in the same way then there’s no additional cost for this.

Question I already have an 08/09 number, can you answer calls that come through on that number?
Answer Yes we can, there's no need to change your number you can simply divert that number to us.

Question Can you provide me with a non-geographic 08/09 number to use?
Answer Yes. We assign a local rate 0845/0844 number to your account. You are free to use this number on your website and advertising material... and there's no extra charge. We can also offer other numbers such as 0800 freephone numbers.

Question Can you provide other 01/02/03 numbers e.g. London or Manchester?
Answer Absolutely. In fact we can provide almost any nationwide numbers, just let us know what area you would like a number for and we’ll email you over a selection to choose from.


Question How much does it cost to use your service?
Answer The cost of the service will typically depend on the level of service you’re after and how busy you are.

Download our information pack and pricelist to find out more…

Question Am I tied into a contract?
Answer No. At CSnotepad we don't believe in tying you into a long contract, should you ever wish to cancel, all we require is 2 full calendar months’ notice.

Question How can I keep track of the cost?
Answer Because you choose when your telephone calls are diverted, you have complete control over how many calls we answer and therefore the costs. We also send you an end of day report, letting you know how many telephone calls we have answered for you that day.


Question Can I have a telephone answering service for just a couple of weeks?
Answer No. We don’t provide short term holiday cover unless you are on an annual flexi-plan.

Question What’s your flexi-plans?
Answer Flexi plans are designed for customers who have wildly fluctuating call volumes. This is common amongst seasonal business and event based companies where they may receive several hundred calls one month and almost none the next. Our flexi plans provide customers with an annual allowance of calls to use at any point throughout the year, without a minimum monthly usage.

Question What happens to my telephone calls outside of your core hours?
Answer If your telephone calls are still diverted when our offices close and you are not on our 24/7 service, your calls will go through to our state of the art voicemail facility personalised to your company. You will then be emailed your voicemail in real time (the moment the call has finished) for you to listen to via your PC.

Question Won't customers know I'm using a call centre?
Answer No. Our professional receptionists answer your telephone calls in your business name and speak to your callers in exactly the same way your in-house staff would. On top of that our system recognises the telephone number of someone who has called before and automatically provides your receptionist with the caller’s details. This means regular callers will be greeted with familiarity, and not have to provide their contact information each time they call.

Question What if I accidentally delete my message?
Answer Don't worry, we email you a summary report of all your messages at the end of each day, free of charge. And if it's really urgent, just give us a call and we'll retrieve it for you there and then.

Question I need something I can't see listed, can you put together a package just for me?
Answer Yes. Call us and we will be happy to discuss a tailored answering service specific for your needs.

Question Do you offer a referral scheme?
Answer Yes, for every customer you introduce who signs up for a service with us we will email you a £50 Amazon voucher that day.

Question Do you offer a reseller scheme?
Answer Yes, anyone who has referred 3 or more customers can move to our reseller scheme and earn 10% ongoing commission every month on any referrals. Commission is capped at £100 per referral per month.


Google rating and stars.120 reviews Annalese Ferrari

The customer service is excellent and the staff are extremely well trained with accurate answering and message recording skills. Definitely a helping hand for any small business.

JTX Info

Have recently started using CSnotepad and they have been a fantastic and really helpful addition to our business providing a excellent service to our customers. Very flexible with the information we want explained and they provide detailed callback messages and daily summaries.

Testimonial Healy Newsom

Very happy with the service. The email messages we receive are detailed and prompt.

Testimonial Damien Burke

I have used this service for about 2 years now and highly recommend it. I don't often have to contact them direct as their notification service is really good but every time I have I have been impressed. I run my own business and cannot afford to spend most of my time answering the phone when dealing directly with clients. This service really helped me keep existing clients happy, manage calls from potential new clients and maintain productivity.

Testimonial Basildon Cats Protection

We find CSnotepad to be a useful service. As we are a volunteer organisation we are not always available to take calls. CSnotepad helps us to be more easily contactable than just using an ansaphone but also redirects calls that are outside the area covered by our Branch. Having details of the caller's query before we call them back saves us a lot of time and allows us to determine solutions before we make that call.

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Testimonial_AdamFranisI've used a couple of call answering services in the past but I would never move away from CSnotepad now, they are by far the best on the market. The girls who answer the phone are very professional and for the
service I receive the cost is so worth it.

Why more companies don't use this service is beyond me!
Testimonial_JamesCostelloDelivered on exactly what they said they would, flexible subscription options & found the manager there a pleasant guy to deal with. Perfect for small to mid companies who are growing, or need that in house presence when
away from the office. I even had a couple of compliments from my customers saying how impressed they were with the service & how we should run a call centre!
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