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Estate Agents: 6 Reasons We Like to Get Moving in Summer Time

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Estate Agents: 6 Reasons We Like to Get Moving in Summer Time

This is absolutely the time to get yourself into gear, summer is the peak time for house selling and house buying, and for good reason.

So why does the sunshine make us more likely to move?

In this short blog we’ll explore the top 6 reasons the weather makes it so much more appealing to sell a home…

1 The summer months are the best time to show outdoor spaces at their best. Whether it’s a perfectly staged table and chairs, a thriving veg patch, or an array of bolshie blooms in pots and hanging baskets, the summer really can offer a wow factor when it comes to selling a home starting from the outside in.

2 Sunshine streaming in through the windows is always going to show a house off at its best. Opening the windows and allowing fresh air to skip through every room is a free and easy selling tool.

3 The summer gifts us with longer daylight hours, providing more vitamin D and more energy. We find ourselves with the enthusiasm and gusto to embrace a house move that could otherwise feel too daunting, in the winter months we tend to seek comfort, familiarity and rest – hardly conducive for a house move!

4 For those with children, the summer holidays mark a good time to consider a house move. The end of one school year and the start of another is a natural break, limiting the disruption to learning.

5 The longer daylight hours open up the opportunity for evening viewings when the home is still looking at its best. It’s a numbers game – the more viewings the more chance of selling!

6 Better weather makes for better moving – packing up and unpacking is far less stressful when the weather is on our side, without concerns of sleet snow and torrential rain.

Estate Agents: Get Promoting Yourself this Summer

Get more properties on your books this summer, now is the time to promote and advertise your services. But don’t feel overwhelmed. At CSnotepad we can support your marketing efforts by manning the phones while you meet with clients.

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