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Cloud Data Storage Brings Savings to Businesses

cloud storage for business

Cloud Data Storage Brings Savings to Businesses

Saving money doesn’t have to mean cut backs

Businesses are increasingly under financial pressure as gas and electricity bills rise, wages continue to increase, and supply chains slow internationally. Looking to make some smart financial savings within your business? Consider moving data storage to the cloud over purchasing and maintaining an in-house system.

A recent study found that it can be up to 40% more cost-effective for small and medium sized businesses to use a third-party cloud platform rather than maintaining their own in-house system.

How cloud storage works

Cloud storage works by storing data on remote servers, here it can be maintained, managed, backed up and accessed remotely. Data stored in the cloud is accessible by any device (phone, laptop, desktop) at any time from anywhere, as long as permissions are in place and you have an internet connection.

Despite its accessibility, data stored via the cloud is extremely safe and secure, with your data backed-up to multiple servers in multiple locations.

Why cloud storage works for businesses

Moving your business storage to the cloud eliminates the cost of hardware, its maintenance and future upgrades, as well as the associated employee salaries for time required to keep your data safe and server running.

With cloud storage you can also alter your storage capacity as and when you need to, removing the risk of paying for storage you simply don’t need (avoiding further unnecessary spend), or running out of storage space for your data needs.

Are you already using our Virtual Receptionist Service, or thinking of using us? Your data is always secure with us…

We know that outsourcing any element of your business can be daunting, and the security of your data is an important consideration. That’s why we meet in full the regulations for the collection, processing, storing, transfer and deletion of your data.

We want our customers to be assured that all data, from basic information, such as name, email addresses and telephone numbers, to sensitive personal information including payment details are safeguarded by our GDPR compliance.

So whether we’re answering your calls and taking a message, or logging into your online payment portal to take payments and process orders, you can be sure that your data is handled correctly every step of the way.

For more information on the range of secure and reliable services we offer, head over to our website.

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