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2 Ways to Adapt Your Online Store for More Sales in 2022


2 Ways to Adapt Your Online Store for More Sales in 2022

Since the worldwide pandemic hit, and the majority of countries were forced into some form of lockdown, consumers have been forced to embrace online shopping and accelerate its popularity.

But, as online shopping becomes a more trusted method, with it comes greater expectations for the online retailer.

Just because you no longer sell your products or services face-to-face, don’t think the consumer is content to have a faceless and impersonal shopping experience.

2022 will demand that you step up if you’re to to stand out from your competitors in the retail sector.

2 Ways You Should Aim to Offer Personalisation in 2022

Send relevant product recommendations in your marketing emails in 2022

Offer relevant content and you’re more likely to turn browsing into a sale. Tailoring the experience will help your visitor to navigate what could be a large inventory of items on your website. You could see greater spends and greater return custom. Your can tailor your content via platforms that offer API’s. For example, a marketing automation API can automatically add and separate customers into email marketing lists depending on their previous purchases, the purchase amount, or their location. There’s even an API that allows you to peak into their shopping basket if they don’t complete a purchase on your site.

Provide personalised discount-codes
Unique discount codes for each customer are a powerful way to personalise an experience with your business. Nobody likes to think they’re special, only to realise it’s a generic code that absolutely anyone could use! Not only are personalised discount codes good for the customer, they can help you identify who’s engaging with your marketing emails, and you don’t have to worry about the code being distributed unofficially.

Take personalisation to your telephone enquiry line

You should be offering a phone number on your website, not only does it add to the legitimacy of your business, but importantly customers can reach you for instant answers to questions that may be stopping them from making a purchase. But, don’t panic about manning the phone, instead outsource your enquiry line to us at CSnotepad and boost personalisation…not lose it!

At CSnotepad we pride ourselves on never sounding like a call centre. We’ve put so many things in place to ensure that our service ticks all the right boxes when it comes to a friendly and natural call style. Some of the things we’ve implemented are large and impactful like our caller recognition software that recognises your repeat customers, while others are subtle like our continued training and monitoring of the small team assigned to your business. All contribute to the overall sense that a caller has reached your own in-house team, and not an outsourced telephone answering team. Read our short blog We’ll Never Sound Like a Call Centre – Trust Us with Your Incoming Calls for a Personal Service for more information on how it works!

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