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£50 Amazon Voucher for Referring a Friend

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

We always aim to keep things simple and honest, and our refer-a-friend is no different! There’s no hurdles to jump, no form to fill in, no chasing, debating or waiting. If someone you’ve referred signs up for a subscription with us, we’ll give you a £50 Amazon voucher as a thank you. It’ll be emailed over to you as soon as the person you referred starts using any of our services.

As a user of our service, we know that there’s no one better to tell other people about the benefits of using a virtual receptionist. We’d love it if you’d shout about your positive experience using us…

If you direct all your incoming calls to our team, you’re the perfect person to let others know just how much time you’ve gained by no longer being chained to your desk, and distracted by the ringing phone.

If you use us as an overflow for your incoming calls during your busy spells, you’re the perfect person to tell someone just how much your customer service has improved by callers no longer waiting in a long queue to have their call answered.

If you use our virtual address and/or telephone number, you’re just the right person to make others realise that they don’t have to rent an office to appear more professional, a virtual office provides so many benefits without the high costs.

If you use our admin support, you’re just the right person to tell others how you and your skilled team no longer lose valuable time in your day to mundane tasks such as data input, marketing emails or social media management.

…in fact it doesn’t matter which of our services you use, we’d love you to spread the word. Even if you don’t use the particular service yourself, but think it would really help someone you know to grow their business, just point them in our direction! We never expect you to give the hard sell, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each and every one of our customers, so we’re never in any doubt that we can help.

How you’ll get your £50 voucher
We always ask our new customers how they found us, so we’ll know that they were referred by you, or feel free to tell them to mention your name. You wont need to get in contact with us, apply for your voucher, or jump through any hoops to get it, we’ll email it straight over to you once the person you referred takes out a subscription with us.

E-Commerce Businesses – Offer Telephone Ordering, Get the Benefits Without Any of the Hassle

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

ecommerce shopping

Improve customer satisfaction, reduce abandoned shopping carts and stand out from your competitors – all without any stress or work! Use a virtual receptionist like CSnotepad to handle telephone orders on your e-commerce website.

If you think you don’t need to offer telephone ordering on your website…think again!

As much as you may try to encourage customers to order directly through your secure online shop, many still prefer to talk to someone directly when spending their hard earned money. Online security issues and scam businesses have done little to reassure customers that the internet is a safe and reliable shopping ground. Along with the anonymity of internet based businesses, customers rightly question the legitimacy of an e-commerce business that doesn’t even have a contact telephone number!

But we know what you’re thinking…as a business owner you know that taking orders is the very lifeblood of your business, but that ringing phone can be a hindrance that stops you and your staff from growing your business. A hindrance that keeps you chained to your desk and without the flexibility to manage your day.

Use a virtual receptionist like CSnotepad to take care of your telephone orders and you’ll see the benefits…

Decrease abandoned shopping carts
Reassure your customers by allowing them to call your business and talk to you about your products, helping them to feel confident about making a purchase with you. Customers that otherwise would have abandoned their online shopping cart may now complete their order because they’re able to call and get instant answers to the questions that may be stopping them from completing that purchase. A telephone contact number gives customers confidence that they can talk to you to deal with any potential issues that might arise with their order. You’ll instantly stand out from many of your online competitors that don’t offer such an open, instantaneous and reliable channel for their customer service.

Free yourself and your team from the order taking process
A virtual receptionist service like CSnotepad can handle your incoming calls, taking orders, and if you choose they can even work directly with your suppliers on your behalf to dispatch orders, chase delayed items and deal with problem orders. They can deal with your customer queries relating to processed orders or product information, leaving you and your team completely free to focus on other areas of your business. A virtual receptionist can use your own online order taking platform to make things as simple for you as possible. Payments are taken securely and you are always provided with a daily update tailored to your preferences.

Boost customer satisfaction
A virtual receptionist can provide you with a dedicated order line so that your customers are never left queuing while general enquiries busy your line. Your dedicated call staff will be trained on your account and knowledgeable about your products, with more call agents available to react to your changing call volume so that an order is never missed and customers never left waiting – even during busy periods. Your team of customer service advisors will be professional and polite – just the type of people you’d employ yourself. Your customers will never know they haven’t reached you directly!

To find out more about our telephone answering service and how it could help the success of your business, contact us today on 01273 741400 or email

CSnotepad Explains: What is a Virtual Telephone Number?

Monday, May 21st, 2018

virtual telephone number image

So what is a virtual telephone number? We’re all familiar with a telephone number, so what exactly makes a telephone number virtual? Let’s start with the the dictionary definition of virtual:

Almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition…not physically existing as such but made to appear to do so

Ok, so perhaps that didn’t really clear matters up, but let’s look at a couple of examples of virtual numbers in action to make it all become clear…

Example 1: Sole Traders & Start-Ups
At a time when most people rely on their mobile phone and no longer use a land line, sole traders and home start-up businesses can really stand to benefit from a virtual telephone number.

Although a mobile phone offers the flexibility to never miss a call wherever you are, having a mobile number as your only business contact may look unprofessional to potential clients. It signifies that you do not have a land line and therefore no office base, that you may be transient and more difficult to contact if problems arise – ultimately bringing into question the credibility of your business. A virtual telephone number can be given that has an area code, and appears to be your land line office number in your local area. This number is however virtual and has no location of its own, and calls made to it will have to be routed to another existing number of your choice, such as your mobile phone for example. Your virtual telephone number can direct calls to any phone you choose, allowing you the flexibility to move just your work related incoming calls to any phone.

Make the most of a virtual telephone number by using it with our call answering service:
CSnotepad can provide you with a virtual number that will be exclusively yours to give to your business contacts, publish on your website and use on your business cards. Our service allows all calls to your virtual number to be answered by our call agents who’ll act as though your own receptionist – further improving the professional image of your business. The call can then be patched through to your personal mobile after informing you of who the caller is, or alternatively a message and number can be taken so you can call back at a time that’s convenient, leaving you free to focus on the areas of your business that really deserve your time and attention.

Example 2: Grow Your Geographical Business Reach
Businesses know that many potential customers may be drawn to local solutions when looking for services and products. By using one or several virtual numbers, businesses can take advantage of area codes that place them in different places around the country, even though they don’t have a physical presence there. The different virtual numbers can improve visibility on online search engines when the search term is location sensitive, helping market to new audiences. Several virtual telephone numbers can also help businesses to look larger and more nationally established which may help with buyer confidence.

At CSnotepad we work with national and international businesses, offering telephone answering services that include help desk support, order taking, payment processing and diary management.

Avoid Phone Downtime: Familiarise Yourself with How to Update Your Telephone Number Details

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

update and arrow image

We’d all like to think that phone related problems wont occur, but it’s just not possible to guarantee. Often the source of the problem is something we have absolutely no control over, but unlike many of our competitors who’ll just sit back and wait it out, we’ve invested heavily in contingencies that will reroute around any problems to minimise its impact on your business. If there’s a problem with your actual number, even if it’s not supplied by us, we can give you an alternative number until the problem’s resolved. However, this is only a solution if you know how to update your number on the places where it appears…

Do you know where and how to update your contact number?

Your website should be the first place you update with your new temporary number. If you’re not able to update your website yourself, make sure you know who to contact to make an important update so that customers can continue to reach you. It might be worth considering other key places that your phone number appears, such as any online advertising. Many customers may also find you through an online search engine, so familiarising yourself with how to access and update your Google account is a worthy task.

Do you know the best way to tell your customers of a change in contact number?

If you need to get a message out to your clients, potential customers and suppliers, what’s the quickest and most effective way for you to do this? If you have a strong following on your social media sites, this could be a good place to post a message with your new temporary number. If you have an up to date mailing list in place, this could be another quick and effective method to keep your customers informed.

It’s worth putting a few notes together so that you or members of your team know exactly what should be done if you need to change to a temporary number. A few things worth including might be:

Contact details of website administrator
Log in details for your Google account
Log in details for your social media accounts
Where to locate your most recent mailing list

Starting Your Business in 2018? Benefit from Our Virtual Address

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

office in hand image

Is 2018 the year that you’re going to launch your business?

You don’t have to wait until your business is turning a comfortable profit to take steps to increase its credibility and clout within your sector. It’s likely that you’ll start your business from home, and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s how most start, even Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) started business from his garage! But starting a business from home and using your home address for all interactions with your customers has its downfalls. You don’t have to wait to take worthy (and cost effective!) steps to increasing your business’s standing and appeal to customers in a competitive market. Did you know that having a virtual address is an easy and stress free step to building validity for your business while you continue to run your business from home?

Why you might want a virtual address…
A residential address doesn’t give the best first impression to potential customers, however professional you and your business may be, you can’t blame customers for feeling a little uneasy when they search your address on Google Maps and see you’re based from your front room! How will a residential address look on your business cards? Perhaps you think it doesn’t matter, but imagine you are your target audience who are inundated with other businesses offering similar products or services. A residential address does little to offer reassurance that you’re well established, successful within your sector, professional and easily contactable if problems should arise. You should avoid giving your potential customers such an easily avoidable reason to look elsewhere.

As well as thinking about the affect using your home address may have or the credibility of your business, you’d do well to also consider the possible implications for you and your family. You might experience a lack of privacy and feel uneasy giving out your home details, particularly as your database of contacts starts to grow. Depending on the nature of your business, you may find it inconvenient receiving business supplies and deliveries to your home address too.

A virtual address is an easy and affordable solution…
At CSnotepad we offer a virtual address service. We can provide you with our Brighton and Hove address – this address will become your own to use as you wish, print it on your business cards, use it for your invoicing and even use it for all correspondence and deliveries. Get the credibility you and your business deserves by having a Brighton and Hove business address, while benefiting from a valuable separation between work and home communications. All post that arrives for your business can either be forwarded onto your home address, or you can collect it at your convenience. Letters can even be scanned and emailed over to you for speed and ease if this is your preference.

Talk to us today about having a virtual address and giving your new business the best start while keeping your costs low. Call us on 01273 741400.

How to Add a User to Your Paypal Business Account & Control Their Access

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

paypal cart image

If you’re thinking of using our order taking service, you may be a little apprehensive about how we process payments via your business PayPal account, how secure your sensitive information is and how to limit what we can access.

With our order taking service, our priority is taking your customer orders and processing each payment securely. To achieve this we recommend that you make us an additional user of your PayPal account. Don’t worry, we will only have the ability to put money in not out, and you have full control over the information we see.

This blog takes you step by step through how to add a new user to your PayPal account.

As the primary holder of your PayPal account you automatically have full access to all areas and functions of your account, but this doesn’t have to be the case for any additional users you give access to. Controlling what a new user can see and do is called ‘account privileges’ and includes the ability to:

Edit your profile
View your account balance
Send payments
Make refunds
Withdraw funds
Cancel payments
Discuss the account with customer services

Your users can be given permission to access all of these privileges or none of them. Their access is fully manageable and can be adjusted at any time.

How to add a new user:

1) Log in to your PayPal account.

2) Click on your business profile and select ‘Profile & Settings’

3) Choose ‘My Settings’

4) Click ‘Get Started’ next to “Manage Users” ( please note – only the primary holder can access this, your additional users cannot add new users)

5) Click ‘Add Users’ (please note – you may be asked to enter your account or credit card number to verify your identity)

6) Enter the name of the user you’d like to add then create them a username and password

7) Click which account privileges you’d like your new user to have – click save.

Give the username and password that you created to us. These are the only details that we’ll need to sign into your PayPal account. We won’t be logging in as you, and rest assured that you’re still able to access your PayPal account even when we’re processing payments for you.

You can add up to 200 separate users, all with their own selection of user privileges in line with their role and responsibilities within your business.

We Will Always Recruit Great Candidates – Even if We’re Not Advertising!

Monday, September 25th, 2017

recruitment magnifying glass image

Don’t wait for us to advertise a position, get in touch, we are always recruiting if you’re the right kind of person – we know how valuable you are!

We offer full training for any position within our company, but from our experience we know that some things we just can’t train. We’re always on the lookout for people that have the right mindset to be a real credit to our team. A positive ‘can-do’ attitude, a willingness to offer great service as standard, a dedication to the role and appreciation for the important part you play within the bigger team are key traits we look for. It’s people like you that enable us to continue the great customer service we offer and maintain a positive and enjoyable working environment. It may sound simple, but a smiling and optimistic team member has a positive affect all round! If you’re keen to progress, we’re always keen to promote from within, and we’re quick to acknowledge and reward hard work and a pro-active approach.

If you don’t see a job advert for current openings, or feel you have a strong skill-set that slightly differs from the role we’ve advertised, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you:

Calling All Start-Up Businesses – We’re Here to Help You Grow

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Calling all new start-ups – we just want you to know we’re here if you need us! Starting a business doesn’t have to be a single handed struggle, you’re not alone and you definitely don’t have to juggle it all. When you’re ready there’s so many ways a virtual receptionist service like ours can help you without the high financial burden of hiring your own staff. Find out more about our services in this short blog.

start up image

When you start a business no one tells you that you’ll have to think on your feet and become competent in every element of business management if you want to get your start-up off the ground with minimal overheads; from customer service, marketing, website, SEO, graphic design, and accounting, the list goes on! Getting a handle on all components of running a successful business requires a great deal of time, focus and determination. You should never believe that your business needs to be pulling in huge sums of money before you can justify paying for a helping hand. We’re not suggesting you hire staff, that’s too costly, time consuming and frankly unnecessary for most start-ups. Instead we recommend you turn to the varied and professional services offered by a virtual receptionist company. A team of staff, trained on your business are there when you need them, affordable and reliable. Use a virtual receptionist company to take some of the load and provide you with the time to focus on the areas of your business that really need you. At CSnotepad we can even supply you with a virtual phone number and virtual address to help you appear more established to your potential clients. This is particularly helpful if you’re running your business from home, it can help you to manage the separation between your home and work life (for more information on this read our blog ‘Create a Professional Guise’).

Send the time consuming tasks our way – that’s what we’re here for. Let us take your incoming calls, let us handle your general enquiries, let us book in your appointments, we’ll even process your orders. If we took all these tasks off your hands, think about the possibilities, suddenly you’re free to focus on the areas of your business that really need you.

With CSnotepad we shape our services to fit your needs. We know that every business is different so we aim to provide help where you need it most, when you need it most. Talk to one of our team on 01273 741400.

Now is an Expensive Time to be Hiring – Get to Grips with the Real Cost of Staffing

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

As your business grows the need for staff becomes more urgent, and although you may have factored in a new salary into your expenses, have you really thought through the overall cost of hiring staff- it’s higher than you think?!

hiring image

Have you gotten to grips with the true cost of hiring a new staff member? Having a clear and accurate view of your financial obligations when it comes to hiring is essential if you’re not to overstretch yourself and put unnecessary strain on your business.

There’s the obvious initial costs such as advertising your new role, training, office space and new equipment, then ongoing costs such as maternity, sick days and holiday. However, until you hire your first member of staff you may not be aware of additional costs imposed by the government for employers.

As an employer you are obligated to pay National Insurance for each member of staff you employ, Class 1 National Insurance standard rate is currently at 13.8% of their wage, this has to also include any bonuses or overtime.

As part of the newly introduced pensions scheme, all employees are now automatically enrolled in a company pensions scheme. As an employer you now have to pay 1% of your employee’s monthly wage into a pension. From April 2018 your contribution will increase to 2% and then 3% in April 2019. All staff (unless they are self-employed) will be automatically enrolled into this new workplace pensions scheme if they are over 22 and earning over £10,000, even if they only work part time for you. Also be aware that those earning under £10,00 have the right to opt in too!

A great little article from the Undercover Recruiter states that if you budget for the UK average salary of £27,600 for a new recruit, you’ll actually end up paying something closer to £50,000!

Daunted by the prospect of hiring, it’s worth considering a virtual receptionist service which allows you to benefit from a team of trained staff without worrying about the financial obligations beyond a simple and predictable monthly subscription cost. No hiring and training stresses, sickness and holiday hurdles or costly employer obligations.

Our professional team is based in Brighton, we can handle your incoming calls, make simple outgoing calls on your behalf, manage your diary and even take payments and process orders. We’re a helping hand when you need it most – without the financial strain.

To find out how our service can help your business call one of our team on 01273 741400.

What Does ‘Call Handling’ Actually Mean?

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Many companies offer call handling services, but what is it all about?

telephone image

Simply put, call handling is the management of phone calls, these can be incoming or outgoing calls.

Incoming calls are those that come into your business from customers, suppliers and other contacts.

Outbound calls can range from telemarketing and telesales to customer care programmes or debt chasing.

Who would benefit from a call handling service?
Call handling services would benefit any company looking for help answering their phone calls. Use a call handling service to help build your business without hiring more staff and reclaim time by outsourcing your phonecalls, freeing up your resources.

At CSnotepad we specialise in offering inbound call handling services to a wide variety of clients, from sole-traders to national charities. We manage clients phone calls as either a helping hand – acting as an overflow service when call volumes take you by surprise. Or we can handle all incoming calls dealing with each call accordingly, taking messages, patching calls to members of your team, or processing orders – just as your own in-house receptionist would.

We have a professional team of call agents that will be fully trained on your business and ready to take your calls as though members of your own in-house team. We are also available to make simple outgoing calls on your behalf which are included in a call subscription with us.

For more information and to find out how we can support your business, call us on 01273 741400.

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