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Our Order Taking Service – Ensuring Your Telephone Orders are Always Handled Properly

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

man taking call

When receiving a telephone order have you ever:

Taken an order on your phone while driving?

Asked a customer wanting to place an order to call you back?

Told a customer that you’ll have to call them back?

Scribbled payment details on a scrap of paper?

Lost customer payment details?

Made your customer wait while you find a pen?

Had considerable noise in the background during the call?

Made an error when taking down payment details because you haven’t had time to reconfirm them?

Rushed a call and not given great service?

Not answered with a professional business greeting?

Missed a customer call?

Been heavily delayed in processing the payment?

This should never be how a telephone order is handled, however busy you may be it really doesn’t have to be this way – we’re here to help!

A business needs sales but don’t underestimate the importance of ‘how’ you take that all important telephone order. You may have done all the hard work to get the sale agreed, don’t let your customer service slide at the final hurdle. Personal card details are highly sensitive data, your customers need to know that you’ll treat them with care, and you have an obligation to handle this information correctly. Don’t make your customers doubt your professionalism, reliability or respectability by making any of the common mistakes listed above! Build your customers confidence and increase repeat sales by handling each telephone order the right way.

Did you know that we can handle your telephone orders, acting as your front-line or as overflow or support when you’re not available to answer calls? Never miss a call, ensure that every call is handled professionally, accurately and all sensitive information is dealt with appropriately. We can even log into your own in-house system, ensuring each order is processed just as you wish you could on every occasion. Your receptionists at CSnotepad can advise customers, place orders, process payments and even patch urgent calls through to you. Your customers will never have to fight with unprofessional background noise, wait in a queue, or reach your voicemail. Your customers will always receive your professional business greeting, and have all payment details taken and processed accurately – always.

Don’t juggle your calls, have the assurance that every telephone order is taken professionally – talk to us today on 01273 741400.

Why Brighton & Hove Staff Work for Us!

Monday, August 28th, 2017

brighton image

It’s neither chance nor the draw of extra sunlight hours that led us to base our business from Brighton & Hove! For us Brighton & Hove proved attractive as it offers a great bank of people renowned for their tolerance and diversity from which to build our workforce. We seek out staff that not only meet with our business goals but also share our wider beliefs and environmental obligations, ultimately forming a workforce that we’re proud of.

Brighton & Hove is well known as a happy and welcoming seaside resort, this is predominantly down to the people that choose to make it their home. Showing admirable traits, our workforce encompasses the area; they are happy, polite, tolerant, open to change and embracing of others no matter their views or background.

We’re proud of the forward-thinking mentality of the people that work with us. Conscious and proactive in green initiatives, Brighton Pavilion constituency was the first to elect a MP for the Green Party in the United Kingdom. Closer to home we’re proud to say that this ‘green’ dedication has shown itself through the efforts and ideas our staff bring to our office to reuse, recycle and minimise our paper usage.

These are the people representing your business and dealing with your customers – we’re proud to have them at the forefront of our business and you should be too.

Would you like to learn a little more about how we choose the advisors that deal with your phone calls? Read our short blog ‘About Your Team‘.

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Love Our Service? Fancy Using us for Free? Become a Referrer for Our Business

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Love our service as much as we do? Become a referrer for our business and we could even end up paying you for using us!

handshake icon

Do you have an impressive network of business contacts? Perhaps you attend a lot of networking events, or regularly attend business socials where you can build new working relationships with a cross section of industries? Maybe your business allows you to reach out to a huge array of other businesses, or perhaps you just know a lot of people who you feel would benefit from our services. Let your networking skills start rewarding you!

If you use our service, if you feel that our service really helps your business and you feel that you could confidently recommend us and the merits of our virtual receptionist services to others, we’d love for you to sing our praises! We don’t expect you to  pester people, or offer the hard sell, you just need to talk positively about your experience with us and target other businesses that could stand to benefit from our services.

Who should you target? It doesn’t matter what industry they’re in, or where in the country they’re based, whether they’re a sole-trader or nationwide company, we have the staff and professionalism to support any business by tailoring our services to their individual needs.

If you feel you could send a stream of new customers our way, we’d like to say thank you. You’ll receive 15% of the monthly spend of anyone you refer, this will come straight off your own monthly spend with us. This means that for each and every customer you refer that signs up with us, you’ll receive 15% of each and every spend they make with us, for each and every month that they’re with us! There’s no cap, no sneaky terms and conditions, once you’ve referred a few new customers, you could find that your referrals pay for your entire monthly subscription with us. More over, with enough referrals you could find we end up paying you to use us!

For more information, just drop us an email:, or give us a call: 01273 741400.

Getting to Know Your CSnotepad Service – About Your Team

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Ever wondered who’s answering your calls when you divert to Csnotepad? Let us give you an insight…

team text image

We’re proud to say that our team of customer service advisors are a friendly, warm and personable group of dedicated people – all from the Brighton and Hove area. Your calls are answered right here in our Brighton office by people your frequent callers might come to know by name.

We interview for new customer service advisors carefully, always ensuring that they compliment the team and have the right attributes to offer superior service to your customers.

Each one of our advisors is polite, professional and approachable. We have no doubt that if you met any member of our team in person, they’d be just the person you’d hire to join your own team.

We know that some things can’t be trained; a positive attitude and willingness to offer the best service are natural traits that we seek in every one of our advisors. For everything else that can be trained we have an experienced training manager who is solely responsible for ensuring that all members of our team are trained to the standard we expect. Not only will our trainer guide our newest recruits, they also closely monitor our existing team members to ensure that the bar is never dropped, maintaining our consistently high customer service results.

Remember – our advisors aren’t just trusted to handle your calls, they answer our calls too and we couldn’t be more confident that each and every one of our calls is in capable hands.

CSnotepad: Our Message Guarantee to All Our Customers

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

quality survey images

We’re proud of the service we offer. We’re an established business that started in Brighton over 10 years ago, and we’re so pleased to say that many of our current customers have been with us since the very beginning. Through hard work, persistence and working closely with our customers we’ve shaped our service into something that we believe suits the challenges of businesses large and small, local, national and international, and from any conceivable industry – however niche.

Our great reviews on platforms such as Google reflect how well we’re doing, but should you feel that we haven’t quite met the high standards you’ve come to expect from us we offer an industry leading ‘message guarantee’ to each and every one of our customers. This means that should you ever spot a mistake in a message you receive from us regarding your calls (after all we’re only human!), we’ll re-credit you for the call. We understand that errors however small can have a big impact on your ability to make sales, grow your business and build your customer service model. By notifying us of any mistakes, not only will we put the mistake right and re-credit you with the call, we’ll also look to improve our systems so it can’t happen again.

Staff training is an area that gets a lot of our time and attention, and our generous staff incentive programmes ensure that our call agents are rewarded for the great service they offer your customers. With the commitment and focus your business receives from our staff, we’re confident that our service wont let you down – our message guarantee is simply there to prove it!

CSnotepad Caller Recognition – Supporting Your Loyal Customer Base

Friday, June 30th, 2017

When we first start talking to potential customers, a common concern we hear from business owners is that they’re worried using a virtual receptionist to handle their calls will lose the familiarity that their customers have come to like and expect from their business. Rest assured that CSnotepad can maintain the personal customer service model you’ve built…

caller recognition image

Business owners are reluctant to risk their customers feeling that their calls have been dished out to a company, chipping away at the family feel of their customer service model, and alienating a loyal customer base they’ve worked so hard to build up.

At CSnotepad we’re proud to use the very best in telecommunications technology, allowing each and every one of our customers to benefit. We really pride ourselves on fitting our services to your needs and our caller recognition system means that a personal service is available to all our customers. With our caller recognition system we can build up a database of the people that regularly call your business. We’re able to recognise your repeat callers, your suppliers and your top customers. We can give them the same recognition that you would, addressing them by name and offering them the warm and personal service they’ve come to expect. Our caller recognition system means that our trained call agents will appear as a permanent and knowledgeable member of your own in-house team. Your callers will never know that they haven’t reached your business directly.

We know that being known and appreciated for repeat custom is a reason why many customers choose to stay loyal to a business. Letting us handle calls wont mean that your customers will lose the recognition they deserve – find out for yourself!

Reduce Invoice Hassle – Pay Annually & Get 2 Months FREE with CSnotepad

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

We strive to make our services the helping hand you’ve been looking for, enabling you to take your business from strength to strength – the way we invoice is no exception…

invoices in your inbox

We know all too well that dealing with invoices and sorting out payments can be a grueling task that you reluctantly face each month. In our aim of freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on the areas of your business that really need you, we encourage our customers to make the most of our annual offer, cutting down on paperwork for you and for us!

Instead of receiving an invoice from us each month requesting payment for your next months subscription, why not pay for 12 months subscription in advance and make a saving too? No monthly invoices, you’ll only receive an invoice from us if you go over your monthly call allowance, other than that you now have one less payment to deal with each month. It’s not just good for your time and stress, it’s also a good move for your pocket. When you pay in advance for a 12 month subscription with us, you’ll only pay for 10 months – that’s a nice 17% discount off your subscription just for paying in advance for the year.

Reduce the monthly invoice hassle, reduce the cost and enjoy using our service for the year – stress free!

For more information contact a member of our team on 01273 741400

Love Our Service? Spread the Word & Receive a £50 Amazon Voucher!

Monday, June 12th, 2017

Refer a new customer to us and we’ll send you a £50 Amazon voucher to say thank you!

£50 voucher image

If you use our service and feel that we’re really helping your business achieve, if you’re pleased by the way we handle your calls, if you feel reassured by our polite and professional call agents, and find that liaising with us on your account is stress free – then why not tell others?!

We don’t expect you to give the hard sell and we certainly don’t want you to hassle your business associates, but we’d love it if you’d spread the word about our services and how they’re helping you achieve your business goals. As a thank you we’ll email you a £50 Amazon voucher to spend on whatever you like, as soon as the person you referred signs up with us. There’s no strings or special conditions, as soon as someone you’ve referred signs up for a subscription with us, we’ll send you a £50 Amazon voucher. We always ask our new customers how they found us, so we’ll know that they were referred by you, or feel free to tell them to mention your name.

We fully appreciate that good comments and positive word-of-mouth really are the very best marketing tools. A comment from a trusted acquaintance can make all the difference when struggling to decide between multiple businesses all seeming to offer similar services. We all tend to trust the recommendations of others far more than potentially biased online write-ups.

There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer to us, and therefore no cap to the number of vouchers we’ll send you. It really couldn’t be simpler.

We Offer Outbound Calls at No Additional Charge – It’s Included in Your Call Subscription with CSnotepad

Monday, June 5th, 2017

We’re here to help make running your business easier, let us free up your time so you can focus on the areas of your business that deserve your attention. Our call agents can do more than just take calls for you – we can make them too!

outbound arrows

We know that there are times when having someone else make a few phone calls for you would be extremely helpful – our advice to our customers – just ask!

We’re happy to make the calls you simply don’t want to, we can take on the calls you’ve been putting off such as debt chasing or late invoices.

Maybe you have a hectic week ahead and are worried that you wont find the time or remember to make important phone calls. Don’t risk making a negative impression on customers by forgetting to call, instead let us add your calls to our schedule, leaving you free to focus on other matters.

Perhaps you’re abroad and need calls making while you’re away that simply can’t wait until you’re back. Avoid a hefty phone bill and instead simply email us and let us know the calls you’d like us to make.

You might have building works taking place in or near your office and feel that the noise will be an unprofessional backdrop to the important calls you need to make. Just let us know and we can make any calls on your behalf – free from drilling noise!

Our call agents are happy to deal with any simple calls that you’d like them to make. Just talk to a member of our team and tell them how you’d like our professional call agents to assist you in the smooth running of your business.

Remember that this is a useful service that you’re welcome to take advantage of, there’s no additional charge, it’s included in your monthly call subscription with us.

For more information give the team at CSnotepad a call on 01273 741400

Payment Processing: How a Telephone Answering Service Can Fund Itself

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Improve your customer service by offering customers the option of paying for your products or services over the phone with the help of a telephone answering service – it’ll pay for itself!

pile of pound coins

Online shops and online payments may feel the norm, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s the only way, not everyone is at ease with inputting their payment details on a website, and with e-commerce payment fraud soaring by 18% from 2015 to 2016 (Infosecurity Magazine), it’s no wonder that people are now showing more caution than ever. With so much competition, don’t let a single sale slip through the net unnecessarily.

Showing a phone number on your website gives confidence to potential customers, it provides the option for them to talk directly to a member of your team. This could be enough to reassure a potential customer that your business is legitimate, present and contactable should there be any problems with the product or payment.

Be warned – there’s little point in offering your customers the option to pay by telephone if you can’t guarantee that the calls will be answered. By offering something you can’t deliver, you could be doing more harm than good, you’ll not only lose sales but also put your customer service reputation at risk.

Solution – use a telephone answering service that offers order taking services, you can offer cautious online shoppers another channel to pay, rather than simply losing wary customers. By using a telephone answering service you also ensure that customers are able to reach you and not your voicemail. Each call is answered professionally and politely by a trained agent who knows your business. Our call agents can competently answer questions your customer might have and then take them step-by-step through payment while they’re on the phone. If a call agent is unable to answer a question they can take caller details, passing this on to a member of your team so you can follow up on each and every sales lead.

Let us support you and your customer payments, let us help you to reduce your abandoned online shopping carts, and help your customers move from browsing to completing a purchase. Just one extra sale made each month because a customer is able to call to make a payment could pay for the telephone service and more! Find further information on our website, or call us on 01273 741400.

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