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12 Months for the Price of 10 – That’s the CSnotepad Annual Offer!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018


Are you ready for a double win-win in 2019?! Reduce the invoice hassle for you and us, and get yourself a pretty tasty 17% discount on your CSnotepad subscription.

As 2018 draws to a close, we hope you’re thinking ahead to all the positive things 2019 will have in store for you and your business…a saving on your call answering subscription should be one of them!

In an aim to free up more time for your team and ours, we’re offering our customers an annual offer to reduce the hassle associated with a monthly invoice. One less payment to make each month, and you can enjoy using your CSnotepad service stress free for the entire year.

How it works:

Pay for a years subscription in advance with us, and we’ll only charge you for 10 months and give you the remaining 2 months for free! That’s 17% percent discount just for paying in advance.

You’ll only get an invoice from us if you go over your monthly call allowance, other than that you’ll have one less invoice in your inbox and one less payment to worry about each month. Time saver and money saver – what’s not to love!

If you’d like to take advantage of our annual offer, it takes no time at all to put in place, no lengthy conversations or endless paperwork,  just give a member of our friendly team a call today and they’ll be happy to help – 01273 741400.

Talk Your Way to a Low Cost Subscription with CSnotepad – Become a Referrer

Saturday, December 1st, 2018

speech bubbles

Forming a good network of contacts takes time, energy, and commitment, so make the most of this admirable skill set and start earning as a referrer for CSnotepad.

If you use our service, if you feel that our service really helps your business and you could confidently recommend us and the merits of our virtual receptionist services to others, we’d love for you to let other businesses know about us.

As we hope you already know as a user of our service, a virtual receptionist can support a huge variety of businesses, so it really doesn’t matter where your network of connections lie.

We’d love to hear from you if the networking events you attend build relationships between sole-traders or nationwide companies.

We’d love to hear from you if your business allows you to reach out to other businesses based all over the country, or all over the world.

We have a professional and skilled team of customer service advisors able to to support any business by tailoring our services to their individual needs – whatever their business, whatever their size and where ever they’re based.

What you need to do?
We don’t expect you to give our service the hard sell, or know the ins and outs of everything we do and everything we offer. We’d just love it if you’d talk positively about your experience using our service and promote the merits of using a virtual receptionist to other businesses within your network.

So what’s in it for you?
If you feel you could send a stream of new customers our way, we’d like to say thank you. You’ll receive 15% of the monthly spend of anyone you refer, this will come straight off your own monthly spend with us. This means that for each and every customer you refer that signs up with us, you’ll receive 15% of each and every spend they make with us, for each and every month that they’re with us! There’s no cap, no sneaky terms and conditions, once you’ve referred a few new customers, you could find that your referrals pay for your entire monthly subscription with us. More over, with enough referrals you could find we end up paying you to use us!

For more information, just drop us an email:, or give us a call: 01273 741400.

You’re in Control of When You Divert Your Calls to Us & When You Don’t – Here’s How!

Monday, October 15th, 2018

call divert arrows

Choosing to use a telephone answering service like ours doesn’t necessarily mean you need to use us all of the time, or that we have to take all of your calls. You have more freedom and flexibility than perhaps you realise!

Many of the businesses that use us treat us much like a safety net during their busiest periods or when they’re simply not able to answer calls themselves – this can be for any number of reasons…

  • Staff sickness
  • Staff holiday
  • During a staff meeting
  • An expected peak in call volume
  • An unexpected peak in call volume
  • Extra support during a marketing campaign
  • During an office renovation

…to name just a few!

The reason really doesn’t matter, businesses that use our service know that when they need call support, we’re there for them to divert to. It doesn’t matter if they divert to us all day every day, or just sporadically, they know they have full control of when they do and don’t take incoming calls themselves.

The actual act of diverting your calls to us is easier than you might think. You don’t need to call us in advance, or wait for us to get back to you. You don’t have to fill out any complicated forms, or orientate an intimidating looking website to make the changes you need. We know that when you want us to take your calls, you want the change to be fast and easy, that’s why it’s fully in your control. To ensure that this is always the case, we encourage all of our customers to familiarise themselves with how to set up a divert on their phone line and how to ensure that it’s working correctly.

When you sign up for a call subscription with CSnotepad we’ll provide you with a divert number, here’s how to use it…

If your incoming calls reach you via a BT phone line here are our simple instructions on setting up a divert: BT Divert Set-Up

If your incoming calls reach you via a Sky phone line here are our simple instructions on setting up a divert: Sky Divert Set-Up

If your incoming calls reach you on an iPhone here are our simple instructions on setting up a divert: iPhone Divert Set-Up

If your incoming calls reach you via an Android phone line here are our simple instructions on setting up a divert: Android Divert Set-Up

Switching your divert on, switching your divert off, diverting your calls to us, or answering them yourself…it’s all up to you, you’re in full control, we’re here when you need us.

For any further help or information setting up a divert just ask a member of our team on 01273 741400.

It’s Not All About Incoming Calls – We’ll Make Outbound Calls For Your Business Too!

Friday, October 12th, 2018

making outbound calls

Don’t go thinking that your monthly call plan with us is all just about incoming calls – we’re happy to make calls too! Our professional customer service team can make simple outbound calls on behalf of your business, further freeing up your time to focus on the areas of your business that really need you.

We’re always looking for new ways of helping our customers to free up more of their time and grow their business. Our decision to offer outbound calls in our service plans came from simply listening to the needs of our customers. Frequently we heard that routine outbound calls became a struggle to manage, ultimately seeing them slip further and further down the to-do list. We know the difficulties associated with making that ‘quick’ phone call that never seems to be as quick as you’d like, and why outbound calls can really impact heavily on an otherwise productive day. Turn to us for support when it comes to making those simple outbound calls – however repetitive!

We work with each and every one of our customers to ensure that the script that our customer service advisors use meets the needs of each business. Your incoming calls are dealt with in a way that matches your customer service model and extracts all the information you need to maximise every new enquiry, or resolve each and every issue competently. Our outbound service is no different!

The outbound tasks our customers currently use us for…

So many of our services really lend themselves to taking advantage of outbound calls. For example, making outbound calls alongside our diary management service means we can make appointment bookings on your behalf, make appointment reminder calls or courtesy follow up calls.

You can really take advantage of our outbound calls alongside our order taking service for checking stock levels with your distributors, chasing up on order dispatches, stock ordering, or product satisfaction calls.

- You can trust us to make the outbound calls you’d simply rather not make yourself, such as debt collecting or late invoices.

- We really are here when you need us, if you’re abroad and need calls making while you’re away that simply can’t wait until you’re back, send us an email!

- Perhaps you have building works taking place in or near your office and feel that the noise will be an unprofessional backdrop to the important calls you need to make.

Just let us know and we can make any of these calls and more on your behalf. It simply counts as one of your monthly call credits within your plan with us, no additional fees or charges.

To find out more about our professional customer service team making simple outbound calls on behalf of your business, call us today on 01273 741400.

We Can Do More Than Just Take a Message – Order Taking With CSnotepad

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

phone ordering image

After our previous blog on our order taking service we were thrilled that so many of our existing customers got in touch and are now using the service. We were however surprised that so many of our customers weren’t aware just how many other services we were able to offer them, freeing up their time, improving their service, and acting as a reliable and professional support team – no matter the challenges.

So, we thought we’d shout out again about our fabulous order taking service!

Perhaps you’re already using us to handle some, or all of your incoming order enquiries, perhaps we patch them through to your relevant team members, or perhaps we take a message for you so you can return and sales related calls, but did you know we can do so much more?

Think you can’t outsource your order taking? Think again!

Adding CSnotepad into the mix of your current sales process doesn’t complicate things, it makes it all so much simpler, more efficient and more professional. You’ll have a small team of customer service advisors trained on your business, your products, your order taking process and your customer service model. They’ll deal with each and every order in just the way you’d like them to, following a process that you’re happy with, each and every time.

We’ll take payment through your own online payment portal such as Sage, PayPal or WorldPay, so we’re not a middle-man handling your money. You can set us up as a user on your payment portal with limited access, so you never need to worry. We’ll only ever be able to put money in, not take money out, and we wont be able to access any of your more sensitive or private information.

What happens after an order is taken is up to you! We really can tailor our order taking service to meet your needs. We can either inform you of the orders taken so that you can handle the pack and dispatch, or we can liaise directly with your staff or distribution centre, ensuring that your complete order taking process is dealt with seamlessly. We can even handle your customer order enquiries, chasing up delivery information, checking stock levels, posting out samples or dealing with customer complaints. It really is all up to you!

Use us for all of your order taking calls, or just during your busy periods, marketing campaigns or staff sickness and holiday – you can rest assured that our team are here when you need us.

Call us today to discuss your current order taking process, and we can work together to decide the best way to make things simpler for you with support from CSnotepad.

E-Commerce Businesses – Offer Telephone Ordering, Get the Benefits Without Any of the Hassle

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

ecommerce shopping

Improve customer satisfaction, reduce abandoned shopping carts and stand out from your competitors – all without any stress or work! Use a virtual receptionist like CSnotepad to handle telephone orders on your e-commerce website.

If you think you don’t need to offer telephone ordering on your website…think again!

As much as you may try to encourage customers to order directly through your secure online shop, many still prefer to talk to someone directly when spending their hard earned money. Online security issues and scam businesses have done little to reassure customers that the internet is a safe and reliable shopping ground. Along with the anonymity of internet based businesses, customers rightly question the legitimacy of an e-commerce business that doesn’t even have a contact telephone number!

But we know what you’re thinking…as a business owner you know that taking orders is the very lifeblood of your business, but that ringing phone can be a hindrance that stops you and your staff from growing your business. A hindrance that keeps you chained to your desk and without the flexibility to manage your day.

Use a virtual receptionist like CSnotepad to take care of your telephone orders and you’ll see the benefits…

Decrease abandoned shopping carts
Reassure your customers by allowing them to call your business and talk to you about your products, helping them to feel confident about making a purchase with you. Customers that otherwise would have abandoned their online shopping cart may now complete their order because they’re able to call and get instant answers to the questions that may be stopping them from completing that purchase. A telephone contact number gives customers confidence that they can talk to you to deal with any potential issues that might arise with their order. You’ll instantly stand out from many of your online competitors that don’t offer such an open, instantaneous and reliable channel for their customer service.

Free yourself and your team from the order taking process
A virtual receptionist service like CSnotepad can handle your incoming calls, taking orders, and if you choose they can even work directly with your suppliers on your behalf to dispatch orders, chase delayed items and deal with problem orders. They can deal with your customer queries relating to processed orders or product information, leaving you and your team completely free to focus on other areas of your business. A virtual receptionist can use your own online order taking platform to make things as simple for you as possible. Payments are taken securely and you are always provided with a daily update tailored to your preferences.

Boost customer satisfaction
A virtual receptionist can provide you with a dedicated order line so that your customers are never left queuing while general enquiries busy your line. Your dedicated call staff will be trained on your account and knowledgeable about your products, with more call agents available to react to your changing call volume so that an order is never missed and customers never left waiting – even during busy periods. Your team of customer service advisors will be professional and polite – just the type of people you’d employ yourself. Your customers will never know they haven’t reached you directly!

To find out more about our telephone answering service and how it could help the success of your business, contact us today on 01273 741400 or email

Our 3 Focus Areas For A Great Telephone Answering Service

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

customer service advisor

…and the guarantee we offer when on the (very) rare occasion we’re not quite up to scratch!

We’re proud of the service we offer having spent over 10 years shaping and improving to meet the changing needs of our varied customer base. Our great reviews on platforms such as Google and Yell reflect how focused we are on customer service and delivering the very best service we can.

What makes our service stand out against the rest is our attention to the areas that we feel matter…

Here are our top 3:

We shape our service around the needs of our customers -
We’re not too set in our ways, we’re always actively looking for new ways to make your service better. No matter the challenges our customers face, we’re always looking to further save them time, increase their level of support and improve the service they receive. We’re always trialing new initiatives and adapting our service plans to better cater for the changes that have occurred since we started over 10 years ago. We work closely with each and every customer to shape a service that truly meets their needs. We never expect a customer to fit into a pre-defined plan or service model, we always start by listening to your needs first. We assign each of our customers an account manager so that they have a point of contact, whenever they need to discuss their service, make changes, or alter scripts to better meet the needs of their business.

We invest in the best people
We interview for new customer service advisors carefully, always ensuring that they compliment the team and have the right attributes to offer superior service to your customers. Each one of our advisors is polite, professional and approachable. We have no doubt that if you met any member of our team in person, they’d be just the type of person you’d hire to join your own team. We know that some things can’t be trained; a positive attitude and willingness to offer the best service are natural traits that we seek in every one of our advisors. For everything else that can be trained we have an experienced training manager who is solely responsible for ensuring that all members of our team are trained to the standard we expect. Not only will our trainer guide our newest recruits, but they also closely monitor our existing team to make sure they continue to provide the level of service you’ve come to expect.

We invest in the best technology
We never shy away from spending money if it will improve the service we offer, whether that’s putting in place multiple contingencies to ensure your service goes undisturbed when outside issues would otherwise affect the service, or the newest in telephone support hardware and software. Most recently we’ve added our new caller recognition software to every customer account as standard. This allows us to identify your frequent callers, top clients and important suppliers, and offer them the same warmth of service that you would. Using our caller recognition software eliminates the need for our advisors to ask repeat callers all of your scripted questions, each and every time they call, improving your customer service.


However hard we may try, we know on rare occasions we may not quite meet the high standards they’ve come to expect from us. With this in mind we offer a ‘message guarantee’ to each and every one of our customers. This means that should you spot a mistake in the messages you receive from us regarding your calls, we’ll re-credit you for the call.

Perhaps one of our call agents hasn’t given you the correct name, or hasn’t got a digit right on a contact number, we understand that errors however small can have a big impact on your ability to make sales, grow your business and build your customer service model. By notifying us of any mistakes, not only can we do our best to put the mistake right, we can make sure that you’re re-credited with the call and then look further at how we improve our service – you’ll be doing us a favour!

Get 12 Months Telephone Answering For The Price of 10 – It Couldn’t Be Simpler!

Monday, August 20th, 2018

reduce stress sign

When you pay in advance for a 12 month subscription with us, you’ll only pay for 10 months – that’s a nice 17% discount off your subscription just for paying in advance for the year.

Get organised and get rewarded, it really is a win-win all round! As a thank you from us for no longer needing to invoice you each month, we’ll give you 2 months free when you pay in advance for the year. No strings attached, no tricky terms and conditions, it’s a simple offer that saves you time and money…

We’re always looking for new ways to help and support your business, freeing up your time so that you can focus on the areas of your business that really need you. So, we really do encourage our customers to make the most of our annual offer, cutting down on one less monthly task, one less monthly invoice, and one less monthly charge. You’ll only receive an invoice from us if you go over your monthly call allowance, other than that you’re able to enjoy your call plan for the year at a nice 17% discount – can’t say fairer than that!

To chat to a member of our team about our annual offer just give us a call on 01273 741400.

Admin Support – Let Us Tackle The Jobs You Don’t Have Time For

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

office supplies

Make us your Virtual Admin Assistant!

There’s no hiding that admin tasks can be time consuming, repetitive and gruelling, but there’s also no hiding the importance of keeping everything in order, up-to-date and making the effort to promote your business.

Rather than hiring another member of staff to deal with your admin tasks, or pushing aside more important jobs to tackle the admin yourself – let us lend a helping hand.

Avoid the costs of hiring, training, paying and managing additional staff.

Our polite and professional team of customer service agents are on hand to support your business with a range of services, not just telephone answering. They can take on a multitude of administration tasks including:

Tasks that promote your business -
Email marketing
Postal mail outs
Social Media Management

Tasks that improve your customer service -
Customer care calls
Debt chasing
Handling incoming customer emails
Responding to suppliers
Appointment reminder calls
Diary management

Tasks that keep your data up-to-date -
CRM management
Product inventories
Data cleansing
Document scanning to e-files
CV reviewing when hiring

No job is too large or too small, too repetitive or too peculiar! We pride ourselves on a personal service, and we will take the time to discuss and fully understand the challenges you’re facing, and shape a service that really meets your admin needs.

Don’t drown in paperwork or continue to add to an admin filled to-do list. Make us your virtual secretary – a small team of customer service agents will be assigned to your account, dealing with each task in a manner that you choose. Our team will appear as though members of your own in-house team when calling or emailing your customers and suppliers, improving your customer service reputation and making your business appear larger and more established.

For more information on our Admin Support Service talk to a member of our team today on 01273 741400.

Grow Your Business Without the Stresses of Growing Your Workforce

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

workforce heart of people

Grow your business without growing your workforce, sound too good to be true?! Well we’re helping hundreds of businesses do just that!

Having staff is part and parcel of growing a successful business, but it can put a huge strain on your time and finances. There’s advertising for staff, interviewing, training, providing an office space, a computer, chair, desk. Then there’s the salary, holiday pay, sickness cover, national insurance and pension contributions. All of this, each and every time you take on a new member of staff…stressful isn’t it?!

Use the services of CSnotepad, let our staff become your staff, let us do the hiring and training, let us house your new workforce in a comfortable office with state-of-the-art hardware and software, and let us pay their wages and ensure that they’re always there to support you and your business when you need them. Let our workforce pose as your workforce, seamlessly acting as members of your own in-house team helping you to appear well established within your industry.

Your team at CSnotepad can act as your team of receptionists, taking your incoming calls, dealing with general enquiries, taking messages, and forwarding calls to relevant team members. They can book appointments, schedule meetings, make simple outbound calls, and liaise with customers and suppliers. We can even process orders and take payments via your own online system.

The range of services we can offer is wide, and we’re always willing to tailor any service to meet the individual needs of each and every business we work with. As your business grows we’re here to do as much or as little as you need – use us as an overflow safety net during your busiest times, during staff sickness or marketing campaigns. Alternatively use us as your permanent team, diverting all calls to us, freeing you to focus on the areas of your business that really warrant your time.

We work hard to select the right team so you don’t have to. We only ever select people that have the right mindset, a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, friendly with a willingness to offer great service, and appreciation for the important role they play in building the reputation of the businesses we support. You can rest assured that your calls are in safe hands!

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